Teatro de Balé Ballet Theatre


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Descrição dos Produtos

Ballet Theatre comes with a special Chocolate Rabbit girl figure wearing pointe shoes and tutu, only available for this set. Place figures on the stage and turn the handle to make them twirl. 3 figures can be placed on the stage at a time. The theatre can play the music from Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, making your ballet show even better. You can also connect a music player to the theatre and play your favourite music through the speakers. The practice barre can be turned over and changed into a desk. The theatre can also be used for fashion shows, school recitals, dance parties, and even more.

The figures in Ballerina Friends and Ice Skating Friends sets can be placed on the stage for even more hours of fun. Ballet Theatre can also be connected to City House with Lights (all sold separately).

Conteúdo Caixas

Set contains:
Ballet Theatre, stairs, practice barre, coat hanger, chair, backdrop sheet, floor sheet, tiara, Chocolate Rabbit girl, (in ballerina style), figure stand (for ballerina figure), tickets x 3 (total 13 parts).

Código do Item : 5256