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Product Description

The Maple Cat Twins set includes the Maple Cat twins figures (one sitting and one crawling) and a ride-on toy. The figures can be posed by moving the head.  Maple Cat Twins' heads can turn. The sitting Maple Cat Twin can fit inside the ride-on toy. Put the crawling Maple Cat Twin's hand on the ride-on toy handle to act out play pushing.
The crawling Maple Cat Twin is a baby girl. She dislikes loud sounds as they sometimes frighten her into tears. The twins are so close, they laugh and cry together.
The sitting Maple Cat Twin is a baby girl who loves listening to music. Unlike her twin, whom she does everything with, she finds loud sounds interesting. Use together with Maple Cat Family and Maple Cat Baby (sold separately) for more delightful fun as a family of seven. Mix and match with other homes, furniture, or figures (sold separately) for imaginative playtime.
Or hang out with other Twins with ride-on toys (sold separately) to simulate group outings!

Box Contents

Maple Cat Twin (sitting), Maple Cat Twin (crawling), Ride-on Toy (Train, Yellow) (a total of 3 pieces)

*Maple Cat twins collectable figure
*Three piece set: crawling baby, sitting baby, and a ride-on toy
*Dressed in removable fabric clothing
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
*Suitable for ages three years and above

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