Baby Band Series Baby Band Series

Νέο Σειρά Παιδικός Σταθμός

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Baby Band Series features eight different sealed mystery bags, each containing a baby figure and other small parts.
The theme is a nursery recital, and the baby figures come with various musical instruments.
One box contains three each of eight different types, for a total of 24.

Baby Band Series baby figures are able to hold their instruments in their hands, so they can act out fun recitals.

These can be used not only with the nursery series of playsets, but also with various houses for the babies to hold their recitals (all sold separately).

Περιεχόμενα Συσκευασίας

The product includes one of the following eight items.

1. Hopscotch Rabbit Baby and violin
2. Hazelnut Chipmunk Baby and tambourine
3. Cuddle Bear Baby and cymbals
4. Sweet Pea Rabbit Baby and drum with sticks
5. Tuxedo Cat Baby (sitting) and piano
6. Toy Poodle Baby and accordion,
7. Maple Cat Baby (sitting) and trumpet
8. Yellow Labrador Baby (sitting) and xylophone with mallets

(a total of 2 ~ 5 pieces)

One Box (include 10 bags) Item Code:5321

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