Fashion Play Set -Sugar Sweet Collection-

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The Fashion Play Set - Sugar Sweet Collection- includes Marshmallow Mouse older sister, clothing, a parasol, accessories, and a clothes rack. Includes sweet clothing and fashion accessories decorated with ribbons and frills. Mix and match clothes and accessories to enjoy all kinds of outfits.

Combine with the Fashion Boutique and the other Fashion Play Sets (sold separately) to mix and match even more outfits.

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Marshmallow Mouse older sister, Blouse, Skirt, Cape, Parasol, Pumps, Necklace, Alice band, Handbag, Basket, Clothes hanger, Clothes rack (a total of 12 pieces)

*Marshmallow Mouse older sister comes with fashion accessories and adorable clothes decorated with ribbons.
*This set can be used to enjoy mixing and matching clothes and accessories.
*Includes a clothes rack for clothes and accessories.
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children.
*Suitable for ages three years and above.

Item Code : 5540
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