Chihuahua Dog Baby



Chihuahua Dog Baby comes with the Chihuahua Dog baby figure, hat and pochette. The figure can be posed by moving the head, arms and legs.Chihuahua Dog Baby likes to build castles with building blocks. She often builds big castles with her friends at the nursery as well. She likes to stack and play with building blocks so much that by the time her family realize there are blocks everywhere and nowhere to stand in the room.Combine this figure with Chihuahua Dog Family and Chihuahua Dog Twins (sold separately) to complete all the members of the Chihuahua Dog family. Play together with various houses, furniture and other families for even more fun (sold separately).

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Set contains:
Chihuahua Dog baby, hat, pochette (total 3 parts).

-Collectable baby figure
-1 baby figure with hat and pochette
-Dressed in removable fabric clothing
-Stimulating imaginative role-play in children
-Suitable for ages 3 years and above

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