Sky Ride Adventure Sky Ride Adventure

Family Trip & Seaside


Sky Ride Adventure is invented by the Walnut Squirrel father, who loves inventing things. It can hold 3 figures: 2 adults and 1 baby. The surface of the hot-air balloon is covered with flower-patterned fabric. It also comes with a little blue bird and accessories for a picnic, such as fruits, bread and a trunk. The trunk can be stored below the baby's seat.

The wooden deck and the floor board of Starry Point Lighthouse (sold separately) can be used as a pier and a landing point for Sky Ride Adventure. You can also make Sky Ride Adventure even more fun by connecting the balloon swing and the ladder included in Starry Point Lighthouse.
You can also put the blue bird on the fence of Starry Point Lighthouse for a cute touch.


Set contains:
Sky Ride Adventure, blue bird, trunk, picnic sheet, dish, bread, bunch of bananas, apple (total 8 parts).

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