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Nowość Seria „Miasto”

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Opis produktu

Stella, the Chocolate Rabbit older sister works in town and designs beautiful dresses.
She knows that everyone loves flowers and birthstones, so she uses those in her designs so that every customer can find a dress that suits them perfectly.
She always thinks "I want everyone to feel pretty and enjoy wearing my dresses."
Her dresses are sold in the dress shop at the department store and everybody loves them. Combine this figure with the Chocolate Rabbit Family, Chocolate Rabbit Baby, Chocolate Rabbit Twins, and Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents to complete the Chocolate Rabbit family.
Combine with shops, furniture, and figures in the Town series for more fun (all sold separately).

Zawartość opakowania

Stella the Chocolate Rabbit older sister, handbag (total 2 pieces)

Kod klasyfikacji : 6002
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