Chiffon Dog Twins


Product Description

The Chiffon Dog Twins set includes the Chiffon Dog twins figures (one sitting and one crawling) and a ride-on toy. The figures can be posed by moving the head.  Chiffon Dog Twins' heads can turn. The sitting Chiffon Dog Twin can fit inside the ride-on toy. Put the crawling Chiffon Dog Twin's hand on the ride-on toy handle to act out play pushing.
The crawling Chiffon Dog twin wants to be able to talk to the rest of her family as soon as possible. She is always trying to talk to her mother making "goo goo, gaa gaa" sounds.
The sitting Chiffon Dog twin always wants things that other people have. He cries at the top of his lungs if he can't have what he wants. Use together with Chiffon Dog Family and Chiffon Dog Baby (sold separately) for more delightful fun as a family of seven. Mix and match with other homes, furniture, or figures (sold separately) for imaginative playtime.
Or hang out with other Twins with ride-on toys (sold separately) to simulate group outings!

Box Contents

Chiffon Dog Twin (sitting), Chiffon Dog Twin (crawling), Ride-on Toy (Car, Light Green) (a total of 3 pieces)

*Chiffon Dog twins collectable figure
*Three piece set: crawling baby, sitting baby, and a ride-on toy
*Dressed in removable fabric clothing
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
*Suitable for ages three years and above

Item Code : 5428

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