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It looks just like we're under the sea!
Tons of fun attractions for the babies! baby baby
Mermaid CastleWelcome to the castle for a mermaid princess!
Mermaid Castle
Dream Ship
Dream ShipRide on the Dream Ship and go on an adventure!
Jellyfish SwingsThe babies enjoy going around and around on the amazing Jellyfish Swings!
Jellyfish Swings
Aqua-Go-RoundExplore the under water adventure!
Shell BedSleeping soundly in a comfortable bed!
Shell Bed
Floating elevator
Floating elevatorThe elevator floats up and down!
CaveWhat is inside the cave?
Treasure chest
Treasure chestWe found a treasure chest in the cave!
Dancing FishThe fish-shaped ride swings like a dancing fish!
Dancing Fish
SubmarineGo on an adventure in the submarine!
Ocean CaféA great place for nice chat! ♪
Ocean Café
BalloonFeels like flying in the sky! What can you see?
It comes with three baby figures wearing cute mermaid-themed outfits, so you can play right away!
Combine the Baby Mermaid Castle for even more fun! (Sets sold separately)
  • A ropeway carries the Floating elevator!
  • Collect a lot of baby figures to play with!
Sylvanian Land Amusement Series 
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Welcome to the Sylvanian Land!
Walking through the green forests, you see the tower of a castle!
When you encounter the gate, you feel like you've entered a dream,
but actually you've just arrived at The Sylvanian Land, an amusement park for babies!
The guests rush excitedly to get on the attractions,
because the park is full of fun rides and joyful parades everyone is welcome to enjoy!