Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families Baby Amusement Park

Let's go to the Baby Amusement Park!

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This set includes three baby figures, so you can play right away!

The Attractions of The Amusement Park!
So many rides for the babies to enjoy!
CastleJust like a princess, stand on the balcony and wave at everyone enjoying themselves at the park!
RocketThe rocket takes you to the shooting star!
Ferris wheelBabies love the Ferris wheel! Watch them go!
Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel
Open the door to get on and off the ride!
Viking shipThe Viking ship is a thrilling ride! You can hear the cheers from afar
Viking ship
Go-kartGo for a drive around the amusement park! Connect two cars and enjoy the ride together!
Sweets houseOpen the door and enter the Sweets house!
Sweets house
CaféVisit the Café to rest! Time for a great chat!
Approximately 30 baby figures can be displayed!
Approximately 30 baby figures can be displayed!
The Product Information 
Sylvanian Land Amusement Series 
Welcome to the Sylvanian Land!
Walking through the green forests, you see the tower of a castle!
When you encounter the gate, you feel like you've entered a dream,
but actually you've just arrived at The Sylvanian Land, an amusement park for babies!
The guests rush excitedly to get on the attractions,
because the park is full of fun rides and joyful parades everyone is welcome to enjoy!