Fish & Chips Van

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Product Description

If you like your toys to enjoy a quintessentially Sylvanian summer, feeling the sand beneath their paws whilst nibbling on fish and chips, then this is the pack for you! This set includes Finley Osbourne the Fish Fryer, plus the lovely blue van - which has everything you need to set up shop. It even comes with a table and chairs so that your Sylvanians can eat al fresco. Inside the van, there's a plethora of fish, chips and plenty of condiments, as well as the fryers needed to cook everything up and the trays for serving! And don’t forget the much needed vinegar and salt! Yum! With over 25 pieces, this lovely fish ‘n‘ van is just the thing your Sylvanians need to complete their summer.

Box Contents

1 bear father, 1 frying basket with chips, 1 frying basket, 1 fish tray, 1 fish, 2 chips, 1 chip holder,1 fish and chips, 2 fish cakes, 1 food tongs, 1 ketchup bottle,1 vinegar bottle, 2 mushy pea pots, 2 glasses, 4 food trays, 1 table, 2 chairs

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