Hoppin' Easter Set

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Product Description

The Hoppin' Easter Set is a limited seasonal product that lets you enjoy Easter egg hunts. This set includes a figure and accessories so it can be played with on its own.

Combine with other figures for enjoyable pretend play (all sold separately). As well as playing, this set can be used to decorate rooms, giving them an Easter theme.

Box Contents

Snow Rabbit Baby, Basket, Rabbit egg (top), Rabbit egg (bottom), Egg (blue/top), Egg (blue/bottom), Egg (purple/top), Egg (purple/bottom), Candy A, Candy B, Candy C, Chick figure (a total of 12 pieces)

*Limited seasonal product
*Contains a the Snow Rabbit Baby, a large basket, Easter eggs and accessories
*Enjoy Easter egg hunt pretend play
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children.
*Suiitable for ages three years and above.

Item Code : 5531

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