Ice Cream Van

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Product Description

Every day is the perfect day for ice cream in Sylvania. The clotted cream-coloured Ice Cream Van is a great complimentary set to the Ice Cream Van Driver and Seller, and includes everything to set up shop on a hot summer's day. Over 20 van accessories include an ice cream maker, a variety of ice creams, an ice cream scoop, plus 2 stands to hold up your yummy delights. This is the perfect set to help you give your Sylvanians the ultimate treat they deserve.

Box Contents

1 ice cream van, 1 soft serve ice cream server, 2 stands for ice cream, 1 menu, 3 ice cream, 4 ice creams with cone, 3 soft serve ice cream, 2 spoon, 1 scoop, 6 cones, 2 waffle bowls

Item Code : 4791

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