Baby Mermaid Shop Baby Mermaid Shop

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Product Description

The Baby Mermaid Shop set contains a shell-shaped shop, ocean-themed accessories and a Silk Cat baby.The accessories can be displayed in the shop or worn by the baby.When the shop is closed, it turns into a shell carry bag, with the baby on display!Open the shell and start preparing to welcome customers to the Mermaid Shop. Once all the accessories are on display it’s time to open!
When you’re finished playing, you can close up shop by closing the shell.The figure and all accessories can be tucked away inside the shell shop, which turns into a carry bag.
The Silk Cat baby is wearing a mermaid princess costume. She can wear the accessories and hold the balloons.

Box Contents

Silk Cat Baby, tiara, scepter, main unit (cover), main unit (base), sign, brush, compact, stuffed toy, register, sofa, register stand, Dream Ship, bag (crab), bag (shell), headband, balloon (octopus), balloon (pufferfish), pochette

Item Code : 5760