Hamburger Stand Hamburger Stand

New Eating out in Sylvania

Product Description

The Hamburger Stand set contains a hamburger shop in the shape of a hamburger, plus a delivery bike and the Latte Cat father.Take apart the big hamburger to create various items such as a hamburger stand, table and chairs.You can have fun grilling patties and frying the hot chips.
Comes with over 30 accessories including cute hamburgers with cat ear-shaped buns and drinks.The hamburger stand can be set up in two ways―shop mode and transport mode. The hamburger stand can be attached to the delivery bike and driven around.The Latte Cat father, the owner of the hamburger stand, delivers delicious hamburgers to all the villagers. He is wearing a special hamburger shop uniform that is only available with this set.

Box Contents

Roof, chairs x 4, table, counter, poles x 2, delivery bike, storage box, menu board, register, hamburger (rabbit), hamburger (cat), hamburger (bear), hamburger (bitten), bun (top), bun (bottom), lettuce, tomato, patty, skewer, hot chips x 4, hot chips container x 3, hot chips holder, drink (L) x 2, drink (S) x 2, ketchup, salt, spatula, fryer, metal tray, tray x 4, take-away box, sun visor, Latte Cat father.

Item Code : 5757