Halloween Surprise Party Set Halloween Surprise Party Set

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Product Description

Limited-edition seasonal product!This playset features a girl, baby and cradled baby with a table, chairs, sweets and accessories for a Halloween party.There are lots of fun features—cloaks that transform the characters into spooky Halloween creatures, a cake that changes its shape, a jack-o'-lantern to hide in, and more!Turn over the Persian Cat girl and Tuxedo Cat baby's cloaks to make spooky Halloween costumes!Turn over the berry shortcake to turn it into a fancy two-layered cake! You can insert chocolate decorations and candles in the cake and cupcakes.The Midnight Cat cradled baby fits inside the jack-o'-lantern. Put the hat on the jack-o'-lantern to hide him! The back of the jack-o'-lantern can be used as a baby sofa.

Box Contents

Persian Cat Girl, Tuxedo Cat Baby, Midnight Cat Cradled Baby, cloak (for girl), cloak (for baby), table, chair x 2, plate (large) x 2, plate (medium) x 2, teacup x 2, saucer x 2, fork x 2, spoon x 2, cake stand, cake (lower), cake (upper), chocolate decoration (house), chocolate decoration (ghost), candle, cupcake (cat), cupcake (cream), pumpkin pudding (pumpkin), pumpkin pudding (ghost), pumpkin pudding lid x 2, jack-o'-lantern, hat

Item Code : 5764