Large House with Carport GIft Set Large House with Carport GIft Set

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Product Description

Get all you need to play in this great value set, featuring Snow Rabbit mother in a special outfit, along with a magnificent house with its own carport. This set also includes a car and plenty of furniture and can be played on its own. The house, car and furniture are in colours exclusive to this set. The clothing can be removed to change the figure's outfit. Stimulates imaginative role-playing for children. Suitable for ages three years and above.
Combine with other furniture and figures (sold separately) for even more fun imaginative playtime!

Box Contents

Emilia Snow Rabbit, Large House, Carport, Family Cruising Car, Steering Wheel, Stairway, Floor part A, Floor part B, Railing A, Railing B, Railing C, Railing D, 4 brick walls, 2 carport railings A, 2 carport railing B, Dining table, 4 chairs, Baby chair, Kitchenette, Drawer, Fridge, Freezer compartment, Salad crisper drawer, 2 plates, 2 forks, 2 cups, 2 croissants, 2 fried eggs, Egg, 2 apples, Orange juice, Basket, Frying pan, Spatula, Oven tray

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