Maple Cat Family Maple Cat Family


Product Description

Meet the Maple Cat Family. Pack includes Father Theodore, Mother Georgina, Brother Jasper and Sister Millie Maple.

Theodore the Maple Cat father is very good at giving directions. No matter where the villagers want to go, he knows just how to get there. He has a little notebook where he writes about all kinds of things that he sees when he’s out and about.

Georgina the Maple Cat mother loves to make all kinds of gelato from the fruits that are in season. She even designs new ways to serve it! Her favourite thing is when everyone tells her that her gelato was delicious.

Jasper the Maple Cat boy loves to read. He loves to sit in the breeze in the park and jump onto the exciting worlds in his books. Sometimes he concentrates so hard on his books that he forgets where he is! Lately he’s started writing stories of his own.

Millie the Maple Cat girl is good at growing flowers and decorating with them. Sometimes she’ll tell her family and friends about her flowers as she lovingly tends to them. Because of Millie, the Maple Cat family’s house is always full of lovely flowers.

Box Contents

Maple Cat father, Maple Cat mother, Maple Cat boy, Maple Cat girl (total 4 pieces).

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