Baby Sleigh Ride Set Baby Sleigh Ride Set



In this Baby Sleigh Ride Set, the Milk Rabbit baby is dressed in a Santa Claus costume and the Toy Poodle baby is dressed in a reindeer costume. The sleigh can hold the two babies and the presents. The set also includes a toy Sky Ride Adventure, a teddy bear, a small Christmas tree, gift boxes and a sack.

The sleigh of Baby Sleigh Ride Set can be connected to other products such as Candy Wagon, Fruit Wagon, Popcorn Wagon, Hot Dog Van or the pumpkin carriage from Baby Trick or Treaters Set for even more fun. (All sold separately)

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Set contains:
Milk Rabbit baby (in Santa Claus costume), Toy Poodle baby (in reindeer costume), sleigh, teddy bear, toy Sky Ride Adventure, mini Christmas tree, gift box x 2 (red, green), present sack (total 9 parts)

Kód : 5269

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