Introducing: Persian Cat Family

Give a warm welcome to the Persian Cat Family, the newest residents of Sylvanian Village! They’re an extra big family of ten characters, each of whom has completely different personalities and interests. Despite their differences, they all share their recognisable fluffy fur!


Lucas Persian is the father of the family and prides himself on his strong dancer’s physique. He drinks a delicious homemade smoothie every morning and always tries to get his wife and children to try his latest recipe.


Dawn Persian is a keen astronomer who spends most of her evenings gazing up at the sky. She’s always eager to learn more about constellations so spend hours studying her star charts – she always know the answer any questions her children may have! 


Lyra Persian is one of the twin who is especially happy with the new family home as it means she gets to learn about how the elevator works! She loves to tinker with machines and is always fascinated by how they work. Her mother Dawn hopes she doesn’t tinker around with the elevator too much though, or she’ll have to take the stairs!


Skye Persian is Lyra’s twin who has an eager interest in the natural sciences. As the seasons change, she likes to study the differences in the weather and especially loves recording the changes with her weathervane!


Ryan Persian is the oldest baby in the family. His passion is for photography and his best day ever was when his mother gave him his first camera! Now you’ll always find him taking pictures of his family, but equally loves to strike a pose in front of the camera too!


Leah and Bellamy Persian are the baby twins. They can often be found playing on their ride-on-train together, where Leah always gets Bellamy to push her!


Blair, Blake and Brianna are triplets and are the youngest members of the Persian Cat Family. Blair is the mischievous one, Blake’s favourite smell is mint and the family thinks Brianna is growing up extra quickly - she was the first to roll over after all!


Nature Corner


Autumn leaves

Autumn is finally here and she’s hard to miss! Just look around at all the beautiful autumn colours, crunchy leaves and crisp fresh air!


Have you ever wondered why the leaves on trees change colour then fall off the trees in the autumn? Well, as the days get shorter and the leaves don’t have as much light to absorb from the sun, their green colour disappears and the autumnal colours shine through instead!


The leaves look so elegant as they fall from the branches – why don’t you collect some and we can learn about each different leaf? Don’t forget your hat and scarf though, it’s rather chilly outside!



A maple leaf always has a bright colour, no matter the season. It goes from a lovely green in summer all the way to a beautiful orangey red in autumn – just look at the tree standing tall above the others in the woods! Each leaf is just as astounding as the whole tree. You can recognise the leaf from it’s very distinctive, symmetrical shape which ends in a point, and lovely autumnal colour.



An oak tree is the grandest tree of all! Did you know they can live for up to 1,000 years? The one in your local park may not be that old but you can still admire its beauty. Take a look on the ground under an oak tree in the autumn and you’ll be sure to find plenty of oak leaves! They are long, orange leaves with rounded lobes – they look just like a rabbits ear! Can you find one?



Tall and graceful, you can easily recognise an ash tree by its leaves, which are arranged down the twig on opposite sides to each other. The leaves turn a wondrous orange colour in the autumn, so keep an eye out for them on your next walk!


That’s all we have time for today but I hope you’ve learnt a bit more about your lovely, local woodlands. Next time you go for an autumnal adventure, you’ll be able to impress all your friends with your leafy knowledge!


Day Out With The Walnuts


Village Pizzeria

Good morning little one, how are you on this fine sunny day? Haven’t we been lucky with the weather this week? I hope you’ve managed to have all the fun playing outside but don’t forget your suncream!


This beautiful weather has put everyone in the sunniest of moods, so I decided it was time to treat the family at our favourite restaurant, the Village Pizzeria. Ralph was so excited, he could barely sit still! Pizza is his very favourite meal and he loves to try and fit as many toppings on as possible.


We decided to stretch our legs and walk over to the Village Pizzeria, as it’s just over the big hill in Sylvanian Village. It’s a lovely walk but the hill is very steep, so we worked up quite an appetite for our meal!


On our way over, we bumped into Glenn and Amanda Splashy at the riverside with their little ones. They were cooling off in the water and having such fun splashing around! They even have a new canoe set which they were super excited to try out!


When we arrived, Mortimer Bramble was loading up his bike to deliver some delicious pizzas. He said some Sylvanians were having a pizza party in the park, which I thought was a wonderful idea! Luckily, we managed to get a table outside on the beautiful terrace in the sunshine. We were all a bit hot and bothered after our walk, so had to gulp down some refreshing water to cool off! Then it was time to order our pizzas.


Saffron and I always share a plain pizza, as we can never manage a whole one to ourselves. Cedric loves cheese so he always orders extra on his pizza, and then there’s Ralph… I told you pizza is his favourite meal, so he got a bit overexcited and asked for every topping they had in the kitchen! The chef even had to pop over to the Grocery Market next door for extra ingredients for the other customers – he is such a naughty squirrel!


Unsurprisingly, all four of us had clean plates and very full tummies! The walk home was much slower, as poor Ralph had a bit of a tummy ache from too much pizza. His eyes are always bigger than his stomach! Anyway, that was our day trip – we can’t wait to visit again!




Grocery Market

Welcome to the Grocery Market, where the residents of Sylvanian Village come to purchase their all their fresh fruit, vegetables and other delicious goods!


Inside the sunny yellow building, you’ll find all sorts of different food items ranging from milk ad frit juice, to crackers and bananas! Make sure you keep the food shelves stocked up so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for – it can get quite busy in there, especially at the weekend!


Don’t forget to greet customers with your biggest smile when they visit and make sure they have a clean basket to fill with their delicious goodies. Customers tend to come back each week so you’ll quickly get to know everyone and will be able to suggest new things they’re sure to love.


Once the customers have chosen what they’re going to buy, call them up to the checkout and scan their items through. Once scanned, just slide the bar on the cash register to move the till along and drop the items into the bag, how helpful! There’s even a points card for loyal customers to collect during their shop.


The Grocery Market can be joined with the Village Pizzeria to create a high street and attract more customers. Shop at the Grocery Market HERE.


Learning with Patrick Petite


Town - An Essay by Freya Chocolate

Q. Describe something exciting that happened recently.


A. Living in Sylvanian Village is lots of fun, surrounded by the beautiful meadows and woodlands, but sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere different for a change. Last weekend mother decided we were going on a day trip to the Town to do some shopping which was very exciting news, as I hadn’t seen many people or been shopping in forever!


The sun decided to put his hat on that weekend, so the first thing we did when we arrived was pop into the Creamy Gelato Shop for a refreshing gelato. It was so cold my tongue almost stuck to it! When we were coming out, I saw my best friend Sabrina Sandy across the road so I gave her my best smile and the biggest wave I could manage! I can’t wait to see her and all of my friends again when we’re allowed too.


Next, we visited the Grand Department Store. Mother can’t resist popping in to see Stella at her Designer Studio, often coming away with a shiny new dress! I love seeing all the different fabrics, ribbons, buttons and decorations that Stella uses – we waved at her from across the store and she suggested I try on a pretty new hat she’d just made. We found the loveliest new outfit for Mother and she treated me to the new hat, and with that we were off!


We left the Grand Department Store and had to dash off to the Ride Along Tram, as we didn’t want to miss our stop! On our journey home we waved at the passers-by and I wondered what was for dinner, as my tummy had started to rumble. I do love visiting the Town and can’t wait until next time!


Marker: Patrick Petite

Grade: A*

Comments: Freya, you have a way with words that magically transports the reader to wherever the story takes them! You have written an exciting essay and made me want to visit the Town as soon as I can. You deserve the highest praise, and this is reflected in your grade.


Tips for the Wild with Bertram Bamboo


Making a campfire

Hello there buttercup! Have you come to join our camping trip? It’s the most perfect time of year for it, nature is in full bloom and the sun is smiling down on us! Now, have you got your rucksack and sleeping bag? Wonderful! Now follow me, we already have a little camp site set up in a nearby clearing.


As the sun starts to go down, you know what would be perfect? A campfire! Huddling around a campfire is so much fun, singing songs, playing games and toasting marshmallows – delicious. 


Why don’t I show you how to make the perfect campfire? Make sure you have an adult helper to hand though and don’t try this on your own!


Safety First!

Now, firstly, you need to remember that fire can be dangerous, especially to those little paws of yours. So, make sure you give the campfire plenty of space after it has been lit. Make sure you listen as this is important! The fire can also be dangerous to the beautiful environment which surrounds us, so you should avoid making a campfire in dry, hot weather because we don’t want to ignite any surrounding trees which could cause a forest fire! To be really careful, you can try to find an existing firepit to make your fire as this will not cause damage to the surrounding areas.


Getting Prepared

Now we have got past the safety information, onto the fun part! If you couldn’t find a firepit, you should dig a small hole in the ground and collect medium sized stones to create a circle around your hole. This will act as a boundary for your fire and make sure it doesn’t get out of control. You should also have some water nearby just in case you need to extinguish the fire or in case of an emergency. 


Gathering Materials

Next you need to get your detectives cap on and get searching for some dry kindling and tinder. This is what we will use to keep the fire burning. You could use dry bark or dry leaves but avoid green ones as these can make a lot of smoke when lit. Look over there, I think I see some small branches which would be great as kindling wood to get the fire started. Now we want to gather some bigger logs. These should be about as big as your arm, so put down that giant branch, it’s way too big!


Making the Fire

Now lay your tinder facing towards the middle of the circle and stack the logs on top in a tepee shape and keep layering the wood until you have a solid structure. That looks perfect! Now make sure air can still flow through as this is important when keeping the fire alight. You’re really getting the hang of this, you’ll be an expert camper in no time at all!


Lighting the Fire

As a responsible adult, I’ll be in charge of lighting the fire. So when you do this again, make sure a grown up is there to light it for you. Light a match and bring it close towards the tinder until it catches alight. There we go! This campfire looks great so I am sure it will catch onto the rest of the kindling. As the wood burns, make sure you continue to add more wood and kindling to help you stay warm. Look at it go, you’re a natural!


Enjoying the fire

Gosh, wasn’t that hard work. It’s a lot of fun though and we have a roaring fire to show for our efforts! Look, there’s a tree stump there. Why don’t you sit down and enjoy this mug of hot chocolate? Do you know any campfire songs? It’s always fun to have a sing song after all of our hard work. 


Anyway, you’ve been a brilliant sport, little one. I hope you enjoyed learning that new skill. Now let’s have an evening full of fun and enjoy the campfire!


Adventures with the Otters


Pond dipping

Hello there friend! It’s wonderful to see you again. Whoops, watch out for my net! I’m about to head to the local park to go pond dipping, would you like to join me? You would? How wonderful!


I’ll take the nets if you can carry the buckets for me? Now what else do we need? I’ve got my magnifying glass, special #BringTheOutsideIn sheet, spoons and an observation tray… I think that’s everything we need so lets get going!




Now we’re here, we have to be extra, extra quiet so that we don’t disturb any of the little creatures. First things first, fill your bucket with some water from the pond to keep everything nice and wet. Pour a little water into your observation tray and place your spoons next to the tray, ready to scoop your creatures out with. Have your sketchbook or #BringTheOutsideIn sheet ready with a pencil next to the tray, so you can draw whatever you find.


Now you’re ready to start dipping! Make sure to have an adult helper nearby and be extra careful near the water, we don’t want anyone to fall in now do we! Gently place your net into the water, slowly moving it in a figure of eight motion. If there are some rocky areas or clumps of plants, you could try swirling your net through them to see what you can find. After a few minutes, take your net out and empty it into your bucket of water, then use your spoons to very carefully catch any creatures you spot onto your observation tray. Now get drawing! Once you’re all finished gently pop the creatures back into the pond. There, wasn’t that fun? You can build up quite the sketchbook of drawings if you visit again, or you could compare your findings with another pond. Happy dipping everyone!


Gelato with Georgina Maple


Mint Choc Chip

Hello everyone, it’s wonderful to see you again! The sun has finally got his hat on, which means its ice cream time! I know how much you love trying out my new recipes, so I’ve created this one just for you – mint and chocolate chip, yummy!


To serve 6 people with this minty fresh ice cream, just follow my easy peasy recipe.


Make sure you have all these ingredients to hand and we’ll get started:

140g dark chocolate

400ml full-fat milk

300ml double cream

1 vanilla pod, split

75g/2½oz fresh mint leaves with stalks

4 large egg yolks

140g caster sugar


1.       First off, break the chocolate up into small chunks then pop it all inside a freezer bag. Leave this in the freezer for about 30 minutes until nice and chilly.


2.       Next pour the milk and cream into a saucepan and add the vanilla pod, making sure to scrape out all the vanilla seeds into the mixture first. Heat the creamy milk until almost boiling, giving it a gentle stir occasionally. You might want an adult helper to give you a hand with this, we don’t want any burnt paws after all! Now turn off the heat and add the mint leaves and stalks into the creamy milk, cover it with a lid and leave to infuse for 15 minutes.


3.       Pour the mixture through a sieve to separate the mint and vanilla pod, giving the leaves an extra squish with the back of a spoon to get as much flavour from them as possible.


4.       Now whisk together the egg yolks and caster sugar until thick and pale. If you’re using an electric whisk, this should take about 5 minutes. Next pour the minty cream into a clean saucepan and bring it back to almost boiling.


5.       Carefully take the pan off the heat and pour half onto the egg and sugar mixture, whisking to combine everything together. Add the other half of the cream mixture and combine to make a custard. Now cook the custard over a low heat for 3-4 minutes until lightly thickened, making sure to stir continuously so it doesn’t burn. Don’t let it get too hot or it will curdle! Strain the custard into a bowl to get rid of any lumps and pop it in the fridge to cool, giving it an occasional stir to stop a skin forming.


6.       Finally it’s time to pop it into the ice-cream maker! Let it churn away until very nearly frozen, then add in the chocolate chunks just before it sets. Leave it to soften in the fridge for 20-30 minutes before serving and ta-dah, your very own delicious homemade ice cream


Dear Grandma


Home schooling

Dear Grandma,


It’s been a rather strange few months, hasn’t it? We miss your cuddles and cookies, but can’t wait to see you for a socially distanced BBQ soon. Now we just need the sun to put his hat on and decide to come out to play!


Mother and Father have been home schooling me and Coco for the last few months, which has been hard work but lots of fun! We practised our English by reading lots of interesting books and keeping weekly diaries of what we’ve been learning about. My school friends and I wrote each other letters, and it was always such a wonderful treat receiving them in the post that we’ve decided to carry on and make it a monthly activity! I’ve even been writing my very own story! It’s not quite finished yet, but it’s about a prince and princess who go to a magical ball… You’ll have to wait and see what happens next!


Coco has been making a bubbling volcano as a science experiment! He used an empty bottle to hold the special liquids in then paper mached around it to create a volcano. Then he poured some baking powder into the liquids and it fizzed up everywhere, just like a volcano! It was so clever and we took lots of photos to show our teachers and friends.


We’ve been helping Father in the garden for our biology lessons so both have very green paws now! We planted some flower seeds at the bottom of the garden to make our very own wild flower meadow. I can’t wait for everything to start blooming, it’s going to be so pretty and colourful! We’re also making our very own vegetables patches! We’ve planted cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and onions, and I can’t wait until they’re ready to eat. Everything always tastes better when grown by your own paw, after all!


Well, I must dash now as dinner is nearly ready, but I’ll write again soon to tell you how our vegetables are doing!



Lots of love,

Freya x


Learning with Patrick Petite


Drama Lesson

Hello everyone, it’s wonderful to see all your smiling faces again! The summer holidays are just around the corner so we need to make the most of our last few home schooling lessons together. Today we’re running a drama class, how exciting!


First things first, we need to get warmed up – this includes our bodies and our voices, so that you’re nice and relaxed and ready to get acting. Now, swing your arms up by your head and down again in a big circle. Can you feel that streeeetch? Next roll your shoulders up to try and touch your ears, then circle your neck around. Doesn’t that feel lovely?


Next we’re going to warm up our voices. Go *la la la laaaa!* as loud as you can and then as quiet as you can. Open your mouth up as wiiiiide as you can go then scrunch up your face suuuuper small, like a little mouse!


Now it’s time to start acting! Today our theme is prince and princesses, so I want you to come up with a little story you can act out, either on your own or with your siblings. Maybe there could be a dragon, a missing crown or a royal ball to attend - be as imaginative as you can! What will your characters wear? You could make a crown out of tin foil and a cape from a blanket, pop a tutu or pretty dress on for your ball gown and ‘borrow’ a pet dog to pull your carriage! Practise makes perfect so get rehearsing as everyone will be performing their plays to the rest of class at the end of the day.


Is everyone ready? It’s time for the first play so ssshhhh now and off you go!





 Bravo, that was wonderful! Aren’t you clever little things! Why don’t you go perform it for your family now? Or even have a go at creating your own play with a  new theme?