Creativity Corner


Things to do whilst at home

It looks like we’ll all be spending our time at home for a while, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to keep little ones occupied and learning. Now the only question is, what to do first?


Bake some yummy treats

Dust off your apron and chef’s hat, being at home means it’s baking time! Not only is it lots of fun, but you also get a tasty reward after all your hard work! Now, dig deep into your kitchen cupboards for some ingredients and you’ll be ready to go. Mother Chocolate has lots of yummy recipes you can read for inspiration if you’re stuck for ideas – how about some delicious fairy cakes or chocolate truffles?


Have an indoor picnic

Spring time isn’t complete without a picnic or two, so why not bring the fun inside with an indoor picnic? You can serve up some sandwiches and cakes, washed down with a nice cup of acorn tea. Why not treat your family to the homemade cakes you baked earlier on? Just pop a blanket down on the floor, get lots of comfy cushions and lay out your refreshments on a pretty tray. I’m sure your guests will love something a bit different – you could even bring along your favourite Sylvanians to enjoy the fun!


Build a den

Little ones will have endless hours of fun building their own indoor den! Gather soft furnishings such as blankets, quilts and pillows and let the excitement begin! You could use a table or back of the sofa to be the wall and drape items over it, just don’t forget to leave space for an entrance. You could even use your new playhouse to host your delicious indoor picnic, so make sure its big enough for everyone to fit inside!

Play some imaginative games

Everyone loves playing games so why not bring them into your home to keep big and little ones amused! There are so many different ones to choose from but my favourites are hopscotch, Sleeping Lions, pat-a-cake and What’s The Time Mr Walnut? You could even make up your own!


Arts and crafts

Get your creative caps on and get crafting! With Easter just around the corner, you could get a head start on making some lovely decorations whilst you’re at home. Greetings cards, Easter trees and decorating eggs are super fun and easy ways to spruce up the house just in time for spring. Do share your lovely creations with us, we love to see your art work!


Read a book

After a long morning of playing, sitting down with a good book and cup of acorn tea is the perfect way to relax and catch your breath! Why not draw the characters and act out a scene from your story, maybe even turning it into a show to perform? Once you’ve finished an extra good book, you could organise a book swap with your friends so that everyone else can enjoy it too!


Don’t forget to gather up all your Sylvanians for hours of fun too, but if you need some more ideas for things to do whilst spending time at home, pop back here for some inspiration!


In the Playground


What's the time Mr Walnut?

Hello there my little chestnut, how are you today? Have you had any exciting classes? Now the sun is starting to come out from behind the clouds, shall we go out to the playground together?


I thought I could teach you how to play a new game today! We just need a group of your friends who can all join in the fun together. This one is called ‘What’s the time, Mr Walnut?’ I’m sure you’ve met Cedric Walnut before? He used to play this game all the time with his little ones Ralph and Saffron, which is why it’s named after him!


Shall we begin? I’ll play as Mr Walnut first, so I’m just going to stand over there with my back to all of you. Now you and your friends should line up behind me and shout “what’s the time Mr Walnut?”


Then I will answer with a different time, such as “one o’ clock” or “four o’ clock”. You should then walk forward the number of steps that I answered, so if I said, “six o’ clock”, then everyone should step forward towards me by six steps. Do you get it little one? It’s quite fun isn’t it!


Then we carry on doing this until I decide to shout “dinnertime!” and I will turn around and chase after you all! The first person I catch up with becomes Mr Walnut and we repeat this exciting game again!


Wasn’t that such fun? Oh, the headmaster is outside now so I think playtime is over. Time to go back inside but don’t worry, we will have another playtime together before you know it!


Ewan Dale’s Gardening Tips


What to grow in Feb/March


Roses can be planted all year round, but they tend to do best when grown in March once the weather has warmed up a bit. They don’t like to be cold, so won’t do well in the winter frost and rain! To grow roses outside, just pop a shrub into a medium sized hole in your flower patch and cover it up with soil. Give it a nice drink of water regularly and you’ll have the most beautiful blooms in no time at all come summer!



Peas on the other hand, prefer the cooler weather so do really well when planted in February. Just make an even little trench in your vegetable patch, pop your pea seeds, cover with soil and give     them a good drink of water. Then wait for delicious pea pods to grow which you can put in a salad or in a big bowl of pasta!



Garlic is the perfect addition to any meal and is very easy grow, which means you’ll always have plenty in the cupboard! It prefers light soils and does especially well when planted in February or March. Just buy some bulbs from your local garden centre and plant them in your vegetable patch, 15cm apart and 2.5cm deep. Now you just need to wait and watch them grow! Once the leaves have turned yellow you can lift them out the ground with a fork and store them in the pantry until they’re ready to be eaten.


Strawberry plants

Who doesn’t love a juicy strawberry to snack on in summer? The tastiest strawberries are always those grown by your own paw and thankfully they’re super easy to plant. Just plant your baby strawberry plants 35cm apart into your vegetable patch, with plenty of space between each of the rows. Give them a big drink of water so they can grow big and strong, then cover with a net to protect them from the birds and squirrels. Keep an eye on them and in summer, you’ll have some delicious strawberries to pick off and eat, yummy!


Mother Chocolate’s Recipes


Valentine's Day truffles

Hello there my little sweeties! How lovely for you to pop in - it’s been a while since I’ve seen you and what perfect timing, as I’m just about to make some Valentine’s Day truffles! I do love Valentine’s Day! It’s a wonderful opportunity to remind all your loved ones just how much you care for them.


Do you have a special someone in mind that you could gift these truffle to? Or maybe you’d just like to treat yourself? Either way they’re going to be delicious!


First, let’s gather up all our ingredients. You will need:


-          85g, heavy cream

-          170g, 60% dark chocolate (chopped into small chunks)

-          255g, plain biscuits

-          Pink sprinkles (yum!)


Don’t forget the equipment!:


-          Small saucepan

-          Wooden spoon

-          Food processor

-          Large bowl

-          Spatula

-          Large plate

-          Tea towel

-          Decorative box (optional)


Now we have everything, let’s start started! I know its awfully tempting, but we must try not to eat the chocolate or biscuits before we’re finished! Oh go on then, just the one though!


First, pour the cream into a small saucepan and ask an adult to help you to bring it to the boil, stirring it occasionally so it doesn’t stick to the pan.


Once it’s started to boil, you can add your chopped chocolate. Carry on mixing until the chocolate is all melted and you have a smooth liquid, then take the pan off the heat and wait for it to cool down to room temperature. Hmmm doesn’t it smell delicious?


While you’re waiting for the mixture to cool, put the biscuits into the food processor until you have a flour-like texture. Now pop the biscuit flour into a large bowl and pour the delicious chocolate mixture over it. Mix it all together with a spatula then pop it in the fridge for 20 minutes. Phew, this is tiring work! Shall we have a cup of acorn tea while we wait?


*20 minutes later*


Well done for being so patient! Now it’s time to shape your truffles! Wet your paws and roll the mixture into small balls, then cover them in the pink sprinkles. You can decorate your truffles however you’d like – little slice of strawberry or red hearts would look extra sweet!


Place all your finished truffles onto a large plate, cover them with a tea towel and pop them back in the fridge for at least four hours.


That’s it my little ones, you’ve made your very first truffles! Just remember to take them out of the fridge half an hour before serving and they’ll be ready to eat. All that’s left to do is pop them in a pretty little box and then you can gift (or keep) them!




Introducing: The Splashy Otter Family

Give a very warm welcome to the newest family in Sylvania, the Splashy Otter Family! You’ll often find them paddling or fishing down by the river, enjoying the sunshine on their fur.


Father Glenn Splashy loves spending time with his favourite people - his family of course! He loves to venture to the seaside with them on weekends, but thinks the river near his home in Sylvanian Village is the perfect spot to cool down on a hot summer’s day.


Mother Amanda Splashy loves taking the babies on adventures in their sweet fish shaped slings. She always encourages them to wear their biggest smiles and use their best manners.


Both babies are still very young but Nicole Splashy already loves watching the shimmering fish in the river while her father is fishing. She has the best view of the river from her sling and can be mesmerized by the water for hours! John Splashy loves spending time with his sister but is a mummy’s boy at heart, so rarely wanders far from Amanda.


Learning with Patrick Petite


New Year's resolutions

Hello everyone! As it’s the start of a brand new year, I thought we could talk about our New Year’s resolutions today in class. Have you all made one? If you haven’t, let’s think of some goals and things you’d like to do more of this year! Who wants to go first? Do more colouring in? Eat more vegetables? Visit your grandma more? They all seem like excellent choices! Have you managed to stick to them so far? Today I want to speak to you all about how to stick to your resolutions and make them positive habits you can keep forever!


They say one of the best ways to make a new habit stick is to talk about it with your friends, so they can help you out if you ever need some encouragement or forget. They might even have the same resolution as you, so you could do it together as a team! You’ll find it much easier to stick to your resolution if your family and friends can support you or make the change too.


My New Year’s resolution is to read a new book every month. My January book is very exciting so far – it’s about some magical beans which grow into a ginormous beanstalk! Reading is my favourite thing to do on a chilly winter’s evening, snuggled up by the fire with a mug of acorn tea. What good books have you read recently?


It’s nearly the end of the lesson, so when you come back after break time we’ll do some colouring in and draw out our New Year’s resolutions. Have fun little ones and see you in a bit!




Baby Ferris Wheel

Head to the fair for an afternoon of fun on the Baby Ferris Wheel!


This sweet yellow ride will keep your little ones entertained for ours, with three different coloured cabins for three babies to ride in. Everyone can take turns having a go in their favourite coloured cabin and see who can touch the clouds first!


Your babies can make best friends with Milo Cakebread, who comes included and has been on the ride so many times he’s practically an expert! Just turn the handle at the back to spin the wheel and send your babies sky high!


Release bundles of extra fun for your Sylvanian babies by creating a fairground with  the Baby Airplane Ride, or add it to the Baby Castle Nursery for extra playing fun!


Dear Grandma


Flower shopping

Dear Grandma,


Now I’m a bit older, Mum and Dad have stated letting me go shopping in the Town on a Saturday morning. I love meeting up with my friends, getting an ice cream together and going for a ride on the Tram!


This weekend Millie and I popped into town to visit the new Blooming Flower Shop that has just opened. It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to show you next time you visit! It sells all types of flowers and plants you can imagine, in every colour of the rainbow! You can either pick your own bouquet including what colour wrapping, or get a pretty rose gift box all decorated with ribbons. It really does brighten up the centre of the Town at this time of year, when the leaves are turning colour and the sun isn’t out as long.


As it’s Mum’s birthday today, I decided to buy her a beautiful bunch of flowers and bake some home-made cookies – hopefully Crème hasn’t even them all by the time I’m home! I chose an extra big bunch of bright pink roses and vanilla white lilies, which I know are her favourites. She really loved them and they’re now pride of place in a vase on our kitchen table for al the family to see!


Well I must go, I think we’re about to cut the birthday cake!


Lots of love,

Freya x




The Polar Bear Family

Have you met the Polar Bear Family yet? They’ve travelled all the way from the North Pole to move to the Sylvanian Village! They’re settling into their new home nicely, making lots of new friends who all admire their soft, white fur.


Father Seamus is a true fisherman. He always researches which areas are the best to find certain fish and what bait they like the most, ensuring he always has a successful catch!


Mother Maya may be slow on land but once she’s in the water, she’s off quick as a flash! She loves the ocean and is an experienced diving instructor, so can’t wait to teach her new Sylvanian neighbours how to dive too.


Baby Yana hates the cold, even if she is a polar bear, so is very happy to have moved away from the chilly North Pole! Yana is always following her father around, learning as much about fishing as she can. Once day she’ll be an expert, just like him!


For Sale


Elegant Town Manor

Hello there! Are you here to have a look around the Elegant Town Manor? The clue is in the name - this is an exclusive, luxurious property that I know you’re going to love!


Oh, look up there, Stella is waving at you from the balcony! Now, lets go in and I’ll show you all the features of this home. It’s just through these doors, which you’ll notice have beautiful gold engravings for a touch of sparkle.


On the ground floor there’s a spacious living area, which would be perfect for throwing wonderful dinner parties or having a sleepover with all your friends. You can decorate it however you like, so you could ask Stephanie Marshmallow for some interior decoration ideas if you get stuck.


Now let me show you upstairs. The spiral staircase is extra grand and can be moved anywhere in the building, letting you change things around when you feel like it. Here we are! This floor can be used as the main bedroom, with lots of room for your bed and wardrobe. Now if you look up, we have the best feature of the house - this extra sparkly chandelier! The light makes the most wonderful shapes through it, don’t you think? There’s even a little balcony outside, so you can star gaze until your heart’s content!


It’s in a brilliant location, just down the road from the Grand Department Store and a hop, skip and a jump to the Ride Along Tram for when you want to visit home.


So, what do you think? You like it? I knew you would and I’m sure you’ll be very happy indeed here!