Dear Grandma


Trick or Treating

Dear Grandma,

Autumn has crept right up on us, hasn’t it? All the leaves are changing colour and starting to fall from the trees, and there’s a definite chill in the air. Autumn is my favourite time of year; I can finally wear my cosy coat and love having a hot chocolate inside by the fire. October also brings the spookiest time of the year - Halloween!


Ralph and I have our candy buckets all ready to go trick or treating, and Father Chocolate is organising a spooky party at the Log Cabin in the woods. I’m super excited but also a little nervous - you know how dark the forest is at night! But the real problem is deciding what costume to wear! Ralph is dressing up as pumpkin this year and Coco is going as a bat, but I can’t decide whether to go as a witch or an ice queen. I thought maybe Stella could design me a beautiful dress in her Designer Studio – if she has time, that is! I know she’s very busy making everyone’s outfits for the Christmas parade.


Anyway, I was thinking about the yummy treats you used to make for us on Halloween when we were little. I was thinking about making some to give to my friends when they come trick or treating at our home! Could you send me the recipe for those ghoulish biscuits you used to make? They were so tasty and no one made them better than you. My friends and I are also going to make some spooky arts and crafts, like bunting and cards. Tiffany Golightly is going to show me how to make some Halloween lanterns, which we can use when we go trick or treating!


This is Kabe and Breeze’s first year coming trick or treating with us and they’re so excited! Father has said we must all be home by sunset so we can then go to the Halloween party! I’m so excited to share all the delicious trick or treat candy with everyone at the party!


Well I must dash, I need to help Ralph with his outfit!

Lots of love,

Freya x




The Elephant Family

*Trumpety trump!* Give a warm welcome to the Elephant Family, who are the latest residents to Sylvanian Village! They’re settling in nicely and have already made lots of new friends.


The family are very laid back and enjoy a slow pace of life. Father Mitchell is quite the sleepy head. He often finds himself sitting down to relax for a few minutes and before he even knows it, he’s nodded off and is snoring away! Mitchell’s second favourite thing to do is gardening, especially looking after his prize crop of strawberries which he waters every single day, come rain or shine.


Mother Rianne always looks forward to the harvest of the strawberries, as she loves to eat. She’s also a bit of an exercise fanatic, so needs lots of food to give her all her energy – sometimes, she exercises so much that she’s hungry all over again!


Baby Hilton loves that his parents spend so much time outside, because running around playing tag is his best thing to do. He can’t wait to grow up so that he can do everything the grown-ups do, as he doesn’t like being the youngest in the family! Hilton has an adventurous heart and always asks his parents to take him exploring, so was extra excited to move to the Sylvanian Village as it meant more people to meet and new places to visit.


Ewan Dale’s Gardening Tips


What to grow in September/October

Autumn is just around the corner and the days are starting to get a bit colder, so gardening may not be on the top of your list of things to do. Fear not, little ones, I have a list of seeds you can sow throughout September and October.


Put on your gardening gloves and grab a trowel, I’ll meet you down by the vegetable patch!



Radishes are the perfect vegetable for any budding gardener to try their paw at, or an excellent edition to an already established garden. You’ll find they grow up from seed to fully-grown vegetable in just four weeks - as quick as a flash!


Just pop your seeds in a patch of fertile, well-draining soil about 2cm deep and 5cm apart. Make sure you remove any stones from the soil and then cover the seeds up, nice and warm. Give them a nice drink of water and now sit back and wait – they’ll be sprouting right before your eyes in no time!


Make sure to keep topping up their water and remove any weeds, then when the seedlings appear thin them out to one seedling every 15cm. Once they’ve grown to about 3cm, you can dig them all     up to make the perfect salad all year round.



These little flowers may look delicate but are actually extremely tough! You’ll often find they’re the first flower to blossom when spring comes and can withstand chilly winter temperatures, even without a warm winter coat on!


You can buy them as bulbs to bring home which flower much quicker than planting from seeds. Snowdrops like well drained soil in a lightly shadey area, but you can add some compost to raise the soil level if you need to. When you get home, grab the trowel we got out earlier and loosen the soil, breaking up any clumps.


Next, pop your bulbs into the soil about 7.5cm apart and with the pointed tops 5/7cm below the surface. Give them a nice drink of water and leave them to grow into sweet little flowers.


Learning with Patrick Petite


Welcome to Nursery

Good morning and a big welcome to the newest, youngest members of nursery! Now, I know that your very first day can be a little daunting but after a friendly hello from the other students you’ll feel right at home!


We have three very important values at this nursery, can anyone tell me what they are? Yes? Learning! That’s right! Well done Crème. At nursery we’re always learning something new and fun, like our numbers and words, drawing and music!


Can anyone guess another important value? Friendship, that’s right! Here at the nursery we think one of the most important things you’ll do at school is make new friends, who will be there through the fun times and the sad.


Our final value is… fun of course! We want everyone to have the most wonderful time at nursery and make memories to last forever!  


Now, would you all like to have a little look around? Perfect, everyone buddy up and follow me!


Here’s the music corner, which you can see is full of instruments so please don’t be shy! On a Friday, I’ll play the piano and we can all have a sing song together, won’t that be fun? And here we have the art studio, where we’ll make some pretty pictures. We’d love to see your drawings and paintings hung all over the walls by the end of the year!


Now, outside is the playground where you can play games to your heart’s content! We also have a lovely nature corner where we grow flowers and vegetables. Nothing tastes quite as good as a home-grown snack! Sometimes on sunny days we’ll even have lessons out here in the sunshine.


Does anyone have any questions? No? Wonderful, but do feel free to ask me anything. Now you all know your way around, lets get started with your first lesson. Who’s excited?




New Red Roof Houses

Hello there sweetpea! I’m so glad you called in, I’ve got some very exciting news to tell you!


There have been some big changes in the Chocolate Rabbit household, with some exciting additions to our Cosy Cottage. We like to call it the Red Roof Cosy Cottage now as it’s so much better than before! My very favourite addition is the balcony. I love to stand up on it and watch the world go by for a few minutes before I get ready for school in the mornings. The new shutters are pretty too, perfect for keeping out the cold or keeping it cool at this time of year, phew!


The Red Roof Country Home is rather impressive, with up to three storeys, a beautiful staircase with vines twirling up the bannister and plenty of variations for making different layouts. When it’s connected to the Red Roof Cosy Cottage or the Sweet Raspberry Home we call it the Red Roof Grand Mansion, and my goodness, there’s heaps of space for all sorts of activities!


The Sweet Raspberry Home is perfect for new collectors. I love the way it matches the Red Roof homes, and little Crème has the cutest bed with a ladder to get in and a slide to get out in the morning. The porch is the perfect place to sit with a warm cup of mint tea on summer evenings, and it can even become the downstairs area of the Red Roof Cosy Cottage. 


I hope you come and visit soon so I can show you round the lovely new houses!


Gelato with Georgina Maple


Cookies and Cream Gelato


Hello there my lovelies, how are you today? I’ve been so very busy dreaming up new flavours of gelato and trying out the recipes… I think I’ve even found a new favourite! Creamy vanilla gelato filled with chunks of sandwich cookies, it’s absolutely delightful!


To serve six people with the most delicious gelato which they’ve ever tasted, just follow my recipe.


Before you get started, make sure you have all of the ingredients to hand:

420ml double cream

300ml milk

170g sugar

1/8 tsp kosher salt

1 tbsp vanilla extract

20 chocolate sandwich cookies, quartered.


Have you got all of your bits and pieces? You’ll also need a big bowl, a whisk, and a container to put the gelato in the freezer too.


Now, here’s the fun part! Whisk together the cream, milk, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Pour the mixture into your gelato maker if you have one and and freeze according to the manufacturer's directions. If you don’t then you can pop it in the freezer and stir the mixture well every 10 minutes until it thickens. While the gelato is churning away, chop each cookie into 4 pieces.


Scatter 1 cup of cookie pieces in the bottom of your freezer safe container. When the gelato has finished churning and thickened to a smooth consistency, scoop half the gelato over the cookies in the container. For the next layer, use  the rest of your quartered cookies. I always make sure I  keep a couple outside to sprinkle on top. Finally. Spread the rest of the gelato across the container and top and sprinkle on your crumbled cookies. Freeze until it is nice and firm and hey presto! You have the tastiest gelato in town! 




Sylvanian Families at CarFest South

Hello my little daisies!


I’ve been rather busy recently organising some exciting things for this summer! Would you like to hear what I’ve got planned?


Well, I’m going to a very special festival called CarFest South on the 23rd – 25th August at Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire. This festival supports lots of UK children’s charities, like The Rainbow Trust and the Teenage Cancer Trust, so it helps lots of poorly children whilst being a fun weekend. There will be live music, cars, fun kids’ activities, a wellness area and lots of yummy food, but most importantly the Good Toy Zone Tent. That’s where I’ll be, so pop in and say hello!


Everyone can come and play with the latest Sylvanian Families toys at the Good Toy Zone tent, plus get your paws on one of our exclusive goodie bags, which have colouring sheets, stickers and more!


I’ll be doing meet and greets through-out the day so please come and say hello, it would be wonderful to meet you all! I We can take lots of pictures together and I would love it if you gave me a big hug!


It’s a very busy weekend so I’ll be popping out every day at these times:

11am - 11.30am

12.30pm – 1pm

2pm – 2.30pm



And guess what? There’s a chance for one special winner to get their paws on a prize! To take part, just come take a photo with me and share the photo to our Facebook or Twitter page – don’t forget to tag us so that we can see!


It’ll be a fun weekend so make sure you come along! You can get tickets HERE but hurry, they’re selling out fast!




The Village Pizzeria

Perfect your pizzas with the Village Pizzeria, and let your Sylvanians feast on freshly made, stone-baked pizzas!


Inside the pizzeria, you’ll find a counter top, rolling pin and pizza tray for preparing the tastiest pizzas from scratch. There’s a selection of delicious toppings and plenty of cheese to make them extra scrummy!


Pizzas can be cooked in the traditional pizza oven, and there’s even a handy pizza peel for getting them out – watch your paws now, it’s super-hot in there! Your Sylvanians can enjoy a few slices or if they’re extra hungry, a whole pizza to themselves! Don’t forget to season with a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper from the pepper grinder.


The dark green table and chairs make a comfy spot for Sylvanians to sit down, peruse the menu and enjoy their meal. If the sun decides to pop his hat on and make an appearance, the building can be rearranged to create an outdoor terrace; the perfect place for Sylvanians to enjoy the sunshine while sharing a delicious meal.   


The Village Pizzeria can even be joined with the Grocery Market to create a high street!


Get the Village Pizzeria HERE.


Dressing up with Tiffany


Dress Up Set in Light Blue & Yellow

Hello my little ones, it’s so wonderful to see you again! Oh, would you look at that, just as the sun comes out too! Gosh you must be warm in that, you’re still wearing your winter clothes!


So, you’ve come looking for some new clothes for spring? You’ve certainly come to the right place! I have so much for you to choose from! Wait here, I’ll be back in  flash.


I have the perfect outfits for you, one for warm summer days and another fancier dress for all the upcoming birthday parties you’ve got! This is the Dress Up Set in Light Blue & Yellow, what do you think? You like it? I knew you would, you have such a good eye for pretty details!


Take a closer look at each dress; the yellow, polka dot dress is perfect for every day, whether you’re baking something tasty or off on an adventure. Would you look at that sweet turquoise bow? It’ll bring the colour out in your twinkly eyes! Now, the evening dress really is a showstopper. Just look at the beautiful charm at the top there and the matching gold trim will really make you stand out from the crowd. You’re going to be the talk of the Town!


Let me just wrap these up for you, neat and tidy. You must be extra careful with them, they’re extra special after all. There, now I’ll let you be on your way - stay cool out in the sun, dear!




In the Woods with the Buttercups


Spring Scavenger Hunt

Hello my little primroses, how have you been keeping these last few weeks? It’s starting to warm up in Sylvanian Village and the seasons are changing. I think I can just about see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, so that means it’s time for another scavenger hunt. What a treat!


This time I have some spring goodies for you to go out and look for. Make sure you get outside exploring throughout May, June and July to find these items. Let me know how you do!



The beautiful yellow petals of this flower turn into dandelion puffballs that you can blow to make a wish! Can you blow them away with one breath? You should make as many wishes as you can, they won’t be around for long! Now if you don’t mind me asking… what did you wish for?



These little veggies look adorable cuddled up together in their pods! Can you spot any growing in a vegetable garden? If you’re with a grown up, you could even collect some to have as a yummy snack!



Watch as the forests are transformed into an ocean of beautiful blue flowers in early spring. Can you guess where they got their name from? They’re like mini, blue church bells! Don’t pick these little guys though, because they’re very special. You’ll find them out on woodland walks - how many can you spot?



These clever little insects fly around flowers to pollinate them. Then guess what, my lovelies, they produce sweet honey back in their hives! But the poor bees are in danger and you can help them by planting some flowers with the help of a parent, so you can keep eating honey on your toast and cereal!



You might be able to see these magnificent animals out and about in the woods. You’ll have to be quiet to spot them as they’re quite shy, so be careful not to startle them! Spring is when their babies are born so if you’re very lucky you could catch a glimpse of a fawn. Do tell me if you do!

Doesn’t nature look so beautiful in the spring! How many of the items did you manage to discover on your scavenger hunt?