Adventure Tree House

Family Adventure

Product Description

Adventure Tree House's rope swing can go up and down and work as a lift. Place the log ride on the huge slide to make it go down. There are four small rooms. There is a secret passage inside the tree, just for the babies. The hut on the terrace can be removed and played with separately.

Combine with the Lakeside Lodge, Family Campervan, Baby Ropeway Park, Baby Hedgehog Hideout or Baby Collectibles: Baby Outdoor Series for even more fun (sold separately).

Main Unit, Hut, Fence x2, Log Ride, Flag, Rope Swing (a total of 7 pieces)

Box Contents

*There are so many ways to play with this fun tree house!
*The swing can go up and down and work as a lift.
*Place log rides on the huge slide to make them slide down.
*Sylvanian Families' miniature dollhouses, playsets and figures are timeless and classic high-quality toys.
*Suitable for ages three years and above

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The Adventure in the Tree House
Freya, the Chocolate Rabbit girl, Carlie, the Caramel Dog girl, and Ralph, the Walnut Squirrel boy, had just read a new adventure story. “Which part was your favourite?” asked Freya. “Mine was the part where they flew through the air by magic.” “I loved how they went down the river on a log”, said Carlie. “The magic path was amazing”, added Ralph. “They could go anywhere. I wish we could go on an adventure like that.”....