Swan Boat Set Swan Boat Set

Family Trip & Seaside

Product Description

Take your Sylvanians for a peaceful glide around the Sylvanian ponds and lakes in these adorable swan boats. Mother or Father can ride along in the front swan boat, whilst a Sylvanian baby can fit into the smaller swan boat that trails behind. A swan toy can also be attached to the smaller swan boat, making an adorable gaggle of swans. To give your Sylvanians the chance to capture some great snaps on their swan boat trip, a camera is included. As you probably know, relaxing on swan boats is thirsty work, so a drinks bottle is included in the set. These adorable little boats are the perfect way to get your Sylvanians on the waterfront, and splashing in the sea!

Box Contents

2 swan boats, 1 attachable swan toy, 1 drink bottle,1 camera

Item Code : 5046