Day at the Seaside Set Day at the Seaside Set

Family Trip & Seaside

Product Description

There's nothing better than a good old trip to the seaside in the beautiful summer months! Sylvanians love to feel the sand beneath their paws and the sea air on their ears, and the Day at the Seaside Set is the perfect way to give them a break away at the coast. To give your Sylvanians a little privacy and to protect them from the gusty seaside winds, there is a handy seaside windbreak in nautical colours. They can lie back and relax on the classic blue and white pinstripe deck chair. For picnic time, or if they want to lie down, there is a tartan blanket. They can tuck into the delicious treats of sandwiches, bananas, orange and apple if they get peckish - and a trip to the seaside isn't complete without icecream, and this pack contains two! Everyone loves making sandcastles at the beach, so to help your Sylvanians on their way there are 2 buckets, 1 spade, and 2 sandcastle-shaped toys with flags on top. If they want to take a little dip, there is a duck shaped rubber ring, and a football if they want to practise their skills. For writing to friends and family about their wonderful day at the beach, there are 2 scenic postcards. This set comes with dogs Father Harley Farthing and his eldest son Brother Vespa Farthing.

Box Contents

1 deck chair, 1 blanket, 1 seaside windbreak, 2 buckets, 1 spade, 2 sandcastle toy, 1 rubber ring, 1 ball, 2 plates, 2 mugs, 1 flask 1 bunch of bananas, 1 orange, 1 apple, 2 sandwiches, 1 lunch box, 1 bag, 2 icecreams, 2 icecream holders, 1 newspaper, 2 postcards, Father Harley Farthing and his eldest son Brother Vespa Farthing.

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