Chocolate Rabbit Family Chocolate Rabbit Family


Product Description

Set of four figures: father Frasier, mother Teri, girl Freya, and boy Coco. Each figure has chocolate-coloured ear tips. The figures' arms, legs and heads can be moved to put them in different poses. The clothing can be removed to change figures' outfits. Combine with Chocolate Rabbit baby, Chocolate Rabbit twins, the Chocolate Rabbit triplets Care Set, Town Girl Series -Chocolate Rabbit-, and Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents (sold separately) for imaginative playtime with the whole Chocolate Rabbit family.

Box Contents

Chocolate Rabbit father, Chocolate Rabbit mother, Chocolate Rabbit girl, Chocolate Rabbit boy

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The Wishing Book
Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl had decided to tidy her room. "My room is too cluttered," she thought to herself. "I need to give some things away." But it was easier said than done! Everything in Freya's room was so special to her that she couldn't bear to part with it. "This is harder than it looks!" Freya thought. Just then, Freya found an old book in the back of her bookcase.....