Husky Family Husky Family


Product Description

・The Husky Family set contains five figures: father Vincent, mother Avril, and triplets Rae, Drake, and Nelly, as well as a sleigh for the triplets. The figures have beautiful grey and brown fur.
・The adorable triplets are wearing matching hooded outfits. The triplets can ride in the sleigh.
・This set includes figures and accessories and can be played with on its own.
・The mother and father can hold the sleigh handle.
・The figures' arms, legs and heads can be moved to put them in different poses. The fabric clothing can be removed to change their outfits.

Combine with the Tandem Cycling Set -Husky Sister & Brother- and Husky Twins sets (sold separately) for fun with the whole Husky family!

Use with the Tandem Cycling Set -Husky Sister & Brother- and Husky Twins set (both sold separately) to connect the sleigh to the tandem bicycle!

Or combine with other houses and furniture (sold separately) for even more fun imaginative playtime!

Box Contents

Husky father, Husky mother, Husky triplet (Yellow Outfit), Husky triplet (Pink Outfit), Husky triplet (Mint Green Outfit), Sleigh

Item Code : 5636


The New Car
Mr. and Mrs. Husky, the Husky mother and father, made cars for everyone in the village. Mr. Husky was a car designer who came up with wonderful ideas for new cars. Then Mrs. Husky, who was an engineer, built them. Nobody could make cars quite like Mr. and Mrs. Husky. Their cars were very comfortable to ride in and looked so cool! Everyone from the babies to the grown-ups loved them. Hayden the Husky boy and Pauline the Husky girl wanted to be just like their mother and father when they grew up.....