Spooky Surprise House Spooky Surprise House

Baby Amusement Park

Product Description

The Spooky Surprise House is a haunted house set with a Midnight Cat baby in a ghost costume,Spookie and furniture. The haunted house comes with a ghost elevator and TV. This set includes a house, two figures, and furniture, and can be played with on its own.

Combine with the Baby Amusement Park, Royal Carriage Set, Baby Star Carousel and Baby Costume Series and other figures for even more enjoyable amusement park play (all sold separately).

Box Contents

Spooky Surprise House, Midnight Cat baby, Spookie, Pedestal, Sofa, TV, Ghost costume, Bat antenna (a total of 8 pieces)

*The Spooky Surprise House includes a house, one figure, and furniture, and can be played with on its own.
*The Spooky Surprise House comes with a ghost elevator, TV and sofa.
*Includes a Midnight Cat baby dressed as a ghost and a Spookie.
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children.
*Suitable for ages three years and above.

Item Code : 5542