Bonnie the Persian Cat Baby

Bonnie’s Jewellery Box

Bonnie the Persian Cat baby loved beautiful sweets.
Whenever somebody gave Bonnie a colourful chocolate or candy that sparkled like a jewel, she was very happy.
“Oooooh, thank you!” she would say.
Then she would admire the sweet, holding it between her fingers and gazing at it or rolling it around on her palm.

Bonnie liked her sweets too much to eat them right away. She wanted to keep them for a while, but her chocolates melted when she held them too long, and her candies got sticky when she put them in her pocket.
“I wish I had somewhere to put my sweets”,
thought Bonnie.

Then she saw that her big sister, Nora the Persian Cat girl, kept her sparkly candies in a beautiful box.
“Can I put my sparkly things in there too, Nora?” asked Bonnie.
“Of course you can”, replied Nora.

Bonnie was very happy and put her candies in the box. But the next day, Nora got a big shock. The sparkly things Bonnie had seen were not sweets at all. Bonnie had put her candies in Nora’s jewellery box and the candies had melted all over Nora’s jewellery!
Nora’s lovely jewellery was all sticky.

Poor Nora was very upset.
“I thought you were going to put jewellery in there!” she said.
“I didn’t know you meant candy.”
Bonnie felt awful about her mistake.
“I’m sorry, Nora”, she said.

“It’s all right, Bonnie” smiled Nora.
“You must have thought my necklaces were candy.”
Then Nora had an idea.
“I know”, she said.
“I’ll make you a jewellery box just for you.”
Nora went into the kitchen and came back with a lovely new box.
“Here’s your jewellery box, Bonnie”, she said.
“Wow!” cried Bonnie.
“It’s so pretty!”

Nora had made Bonnie’s treasure box out of cookie mixture! She had added pretty ingredients like nuts and jelly beans to the mixture to make it look like a real jewellery box.
“Thank you, Nora!” cried Bonnie.
She happily put her candy and chocolates inside, smelling the sweet smell of her cookie box.

The box smelled delicious, but of course Bonnie didn’t eat it right away. She just sat and smiled, happily admiring her lovely jewellery box.



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