Hamburger Restaurant

Let's go to the Drive-thru!

A hamburger restaurant has opened in Sylvania Forest. Everybody loves the building, with its stylish mixture of red bricks and cream-coloured walls. The big sign on the roof is a landmark.
When the aroma of hamburgers fills the air, everybody's stomach starts rumbling, and they just have to go to the hamburger place!
When you open that special door...
“Hello! Come on in!”
There to welcome you are the owners, Fred the Silk Cat Father, and his wife.

And then...
“What would you like today?”
There with a big smile is Tiffany the Silk Cat Girl.
It's a nice, relaxed place that is always full.
Holly The Silk Cat Mother is good at designing. She designed the interior of the restaurant, and the family's 3-story house, too.

Piers the Bear Boy reads the menu above the counter.
“Potatoes and juice, and...should I have a fish burger, or a tomato burger?”
He just can't decide!
In the end, he decides to have both. While he's waiting, he watches with interest while Fred fries the hamburgers and adds flavour to the potatoes.

From the seats by the big window, you can always hear the girls laughing and playing.
While Tiffany is working, she often stops to chat.
There are lots of other tables, and a terrace, so the hamburger restaurant is popular with mums and dads as well as children.

And everybody loves the drive-through!
If you come by car, you stop at the drive-through window on the right side of the restaurant. You order hamburgers and potatoes and other things from the menu on the outside wall, and they come to you right in your car!

But when the restaurant first opened, they had a few problems. People weren't used to the drive-through yet. “What's a drive-through?” they said. Nobody was very interested.
“With a drive-through, you can order hamburgers and drinks right in your car,” explained Fred, and the Chocolate Rabbit family decided to try it out. They ordered in the car, but when the food came they brought it into the restaurant and ate it there!

Yardley The Walnut Squirrel Mother came to the Drive-through pushing a baby carriage.
“Hamburger, please!” said a cute little voice, and right below the Drive-through window were her babies in their toy cars!
Some people have backed their cars in, blocking the Drive-through lane, and some people have even given their orders and driven off without getting their hamburgers!
“That was funny, wasn't it!” Now everyone laughs at all the odd things that happened.
Now, of course, everybody knows how to use the Drive-through, and sometimes families come simply because it's there. These days the hamburger restaurant is very busy. “Hello! It'll just be a few minutes,” Tiffany says as she moves happily around the restaurant.

One day when Tiffany comes into the restaurant, she finds her father there alone. He gives her a take-out bag.
“You always help out here,” he says, “so I'm giving you this as a present.”
“Thank you, Dad!” says Tiffany. She opens the bag, and in it is a hamburger.
“I was wondering what you liked best, and all I could think of was a hamburger,” her father says with an embarrassed laugh.

But when Tiffany sees the hamburger she says, “Wow! That's cute!”
She is delighted. It is a special hamburger, with the patty and buns shaped like Tiffany herself, and a toothpick holding them together. She can eat it in one bite, and it tastes great!
“Thanks, Dad,” she says. “I know! Why don't we put this on the menu, too?”

So at Tiffany's suggestion, a special burger is added to the menu.
And then...
“That's cute!”
The children all love it!
With great hamburgers, and always a warm welcome from Tiffany, the Forest Hamburger Restaurant is growing more popular all the time!



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