Nora the Persian Cat girl

The Perfect Outfit for an Outing

Nora the Persian Cat girl loved to look pretty.
She wanted to be like her mother, who was the best-dressed lady in the whole village. Every morning when Nora got dressed, she thought
“When I grow up, I want to be as beautiful as Mummy.”
She pretended to be her mother as she put on her clothes and chose her jewellery. When she was finished, she struck a pose in front of the mirror.

Nora’s favourite hobbies were getting dressed up and then visiting friends’ houses or going shopping.
She chose her outfits very carefully, and she loved to hear her friends say
“Wow, I love your outfit, Nora!” and
“You always wear such pretty clothes.”

One day, Nora was invited on an outing to the Humming River with her friends.
“I’d better not wear any of my nice dresses or jewellery”, she thought.
“We’ll be playing tag and playing in the water. They’ll get dirty.”

But Bonnie the Persian Cat baby saw what Nora was wearing, she said
“Put on one of your pretty dresses, Nora!”
Bonnie loved pretty things and had been looking forward to seeing Nora’s latest outfit.

So Nora put on her favourite pink dress and a pretty brooch. When the children left for their outing, Nora was not sure she had made the right choice.
“Maybe these aren’t the right clothes for playing outside”, she thought.
But when she arrived at the river, all her friends loved her pink dress.
“You look so pretty!” they cried.
Her brooch sparkled in the sunlight, making it look even lovelier than usual.

The river was also sparkling. It looked like a beautiful jewel.
Bonnie was delighted to see it.
Nora was so happy to see the sparkling river that she stopped worrying about getting her pretty dress wet and ran to join her friends in the river. Nora played and played, watching the water sparkle as she splashed around.

By the time the children went home, Nora was very happy indeed.
“That was so much fun!” she thought.
“My brooch looked so pretty in the sun. My outfit was just right for the Humming River after all. I’d better think of a good outfit for our next outing to Acorn Mountain.”
Nora had found a new way to enjoy dressing up.



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