Nursery Friends Nursery Friends



In this Nursery Friends set, the Chocolate Rabbit baby, the Walnut Squirrel baby and the Persian Cat baby are wearing adorable nursery clothes. Each baby wears an emblem in a different colour, with matching shoes. The set also includes a set of small items that the babies can wear or carry: a hat, a drink bottle and a nursery school bag.

Combine this set with other nursery sets such as Forest Nursery and Nursery Double Decker Bus (all sold separately) for even more fun.


Set contains:
Chocolate Rabbit baby (in nursery clothes), Walnut Squirrel baby (in nursery clothes), Persian Cat baby (in nursery clothes), 3 pairs of shoes (red, yellow, blue), drink bottle, hat, nursery school bag (total 12 parts)

Artikelnummer : 5262

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