Sylvanian Families Town Series
Sylvanian Families Town Series

Havesæt med porthvælving Floral Garden Set

Ny Serie med Sylvanian Families-byen


Med Sylvanian Families havesættet med porthvælving kan hele byen dekoreres flot. Sættet indeholder en porthvælving og 6 plantekrukker. Egnet til børn fra 3 år.

Boks indhold

Arch, Rose A x6, Rose B x6, Vine A, Vine B, Weeping Fig x2, Tulip x2, Geranium x2, Flowerpot A x2, Flowerpot B x2, Flowerpot C x2 (a total of 27 pieces)

*Town series of Sylvanian Families
*Furniture set with accessories: arch, roses, tulips, geraniums, Weeping Fig
•Bring your town to life with color using this set
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
*Suitable for ages three years and above

Produktkode : 5361
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