Pamuk Kuyruklu Tavşan Ailesi Cottontail Rabbit Family

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Aaron is good at making coffee and enjoys having coffee in the garden every day. As he always welcomes guests with the finest coffee, some people visit him just to enjoy his coffee. He happily gives coffee to anyone who drops by, even those who visit unannounced.

Sorrel is very tidy and is especially good at doing the laundry. When hanging out bright white towels under the beautiful blue sky, she feels refreshed and starts singing. Her wonderful, pure singing voice sounds so nice that passers by stop to listen.

Gromwell is good at swimming and he always comes in first at the school swimming competition. He has a reputation of swimming like a fish because he makes it look so easy. Even though he practices the same as his friends, he has suddenly improved way ahead of them.

Willow is polite yet shy. She says hello politely when she meets people. She is good at listening to others, so her friends like talking to her very much. Every evening she writes a diary about all the wonderful things that have happened to her that day.

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Ürün Kodu : 4030

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