The Wishing Book

Freya, the Chocolate Rabbit girl, had decided to tidy her room.
"My room is too cluttered," she thought to herself. "I need to give some things away."
But it was easier said than done! Everything in Freya's room was so special to her that she couldn't bear to part with it.
"This is harder than it looks!" Freya thought.
Just then, Freya found an old book in the back of her bookcase.

"Oh," said Freya. "I don't remember this book."
Freya carefully opened the book and saw some very mysterious words.
"Write a wish in this book and it will come true," the book said.
Freya gazed at the page for so long that she didn't hear her father and her brother Coco appear.
"I've never seen that book before," said her father.
"Is it magic?" asked Coco excitedly.
"I don't know," replied Freya. "Let's try writing a wish."

They each wrote a wish.
"I lost my ball in the grass in the woods," wrote Coco. "I wish that it would come back."
"I wish that I could draw lots of beautiful flowers," wrote Freya.
"I wish that I could bake the most delicious bread in the world," wrote their father.

After they finished, Freya and her father went out to look for Coco's ball. They searched and searched until the sun began to set. At last, Freya found it! Coco was overjoyed to see his ball again.
“Thank you, Freya!” he cried. “I have a surprise for you too!”

When Freya went inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes. There were flowers all over the house—here, there and everywhere!
"Lots of beautiful flowers for you to draw, just like your wish!" said Coco, beaming proudly.
Now two of the wishes had come true! That just left their father's wish. And Freya and Coco knew just what to do.
At dinner time, their father served the bread he had made.
"Mmmm!" said Freya and Coco. "This is the most delicious bread in the world!"
"Thank you!" replied their father. "That's all of our wishes now!"

"Wishes?" asked the children's mother. And so Freya, Coco and their father told her everything.
"But that's not magic," said baby Crème. "You made that book a time long ago as a game, Freya. Don't you remember?"
"Did I?" Freya was amazed. "I don't remember it at all."

"It just goes to show, you can make magic happen all by yourself!" said her mother. "Did you finish your tidying, by the way?"
Oops! Freya had forgotten all about it!
"I'll write it in the book!" said Freya. Her family all laughed.
Freya hadn't finished tidying her room, but how wonderful the last couple of days had been!

The End


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