Welcome to Sylvanian Land

One day, Clara, the Pookie Panda baby, invited all her friends to her house to draw pictures together.
Clara and Crème, the Chocolate Rabbit baby, drew pictures of a magical land they hoped to visit one day.

"We'll be princesses and live in a castle," said Clara.
"And we'll blast off in a rocket," added Crème.
"And set off on a ship for a great adventure!" cried Clara.

As Walter, the Pookie Panda father, watched the babies happily drawing the things they imagined, he had a wonderful idea.
"I know!" he cried. "I'll make them an amusement park just like their pictures. They'll love that!"
Walter loved to make others happy. He thought about what the babies had drawn in their pictures and asked their parents to help him build an amusement park that the babies would love.

At last the amusement park was all ready for the babies to enjoy. When the babies stepped inside, they couldn't believe their eyes. There was a castle that looked as high as the sky to the babies, and rides they had never seen before. And nobody was happier than Clara—her picture of the magical land had come true!
She happily showed Crème and the others onto the Ferris wheel. Each time it started, she called "round and round you go!" She didn't ride it herself—she was having too much fun being the hostess!
And when the babies decided to try the pirate ship ride, Clara let all the other babies go first.
"You'll love it!" she said to them.

It was only when Ryan, the Persian Cat baby, said "Come and ride on the rockets with me, Clara!" that Clara realised that she hadn't tried any of the rides herself.
"Let's go!" Clara replied, hopping into one of the rockets.

Just then, the sky went dark and it began to rain. The babies ran into the café and munched on snacks while they waited for the rain to stop. But by the time the rain stopped, the sun was going down. Clara hadn't been able to go on any rides at all!
"I know where I can go!" thought Clara.
And off she went, racing up the stairs of the castle. Clara loved princesses and now she had a castle just like she'd always dreamed of!

When Clara reached the top of the castle, she got a big surprise.
Big, colourful fireworks lit up the sky around her.
Clara had never had such a wonderful view of fireworks before.
"Look at Clara!" cried the other babies from the ground.
They began to wave, calling "Hello Princess Clara!"
"Let's join her!" said Crème.
It was an exciting end to an exciting day.

The End


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