The Best Helper

The Chocolate Rabbit family had a new arrival: beautiful baby triplets! The family were very excited to watch them grow, especially their big sister Freya and big brother Coco.
“Did you see how much milk the triplets drank today?” said Freya one day.
“Yes!” replied Coco. “And did you see them sit up for the first time?”
The triplets grew so fast!
Freya and Coco were always asking to help take care of the triplets. They loved to cuddle them and feed them.

Baby Crème wished she could help too.
One evening, when the children’s mother was giving the triplets a bath, Crème came running over.
“Let me help!” she said eagerly.
Crème tried to rinse the triplets off the way she’d seen the others doing it, but she couldn’t make the water go where she wanted it to. The water splashed out of the bath and all over her mother’s apron.

“Oh, no!” cried Crème. “I’m sorry, Mum!”
“That’s all right,” replied her mother. “But let me wash the triplets. You’re too little.”
Poor Crème felt very disappointed as she walked out of the bathroom. She had wanted so badly to help, but it had all gone wrong!

The next day, the triplets were in a bad mood. They fussed and cried, and nothing that anyone did would cheer them up.
“I just don’t understand what’s wrong,” said their mother.
“We’ve tried everything,” said their father.
“I know what they want!” cried Crème. “They want to go for a walk!”

The children’s mother and father put the triplets in their pram and all of the Chocolate Rabbits went for a stroll around the village. Before long, the triplets were all smiles.
“What a clever girl you are, Crème!” said Crème’s mother.
“You knew just what the triplets wanted,” added her father.
Crème felt very proud indeed. She had been able to help at last!

From that day on, Crème and the triplets became the best of friends. Crème played with the triplets every day and told the others what they wanted.
“The triplets want to play with their toys,” she said one day.
“They want you to read them a story,” she said another day.
The others were very grateful to Crème. “You’re our best helper,” they told her.
But sometimes Crème was a bit cheeky!
“The triplets want to play with the football,” she said once.
The others burst out laughing.
“I think Crème wants to play with the football!” her father chuckled.
Crème went bright red. But she also couldn’t wait until the triplets really were big enough to play football with her. Crème smiled as she thought about how she would teach the triplets how to kick the ball.

The End


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