Skye and Lyra’s Prize

Skye and Lyra, the Persian Cat twins, were the best of friends. They liked very different things, though! Skye loved nature, like the sky and the clouds. Lyra liked tinkering with machines. She loved learning about how pianos make their beautiful music or how lifts move.

Lyra was often seen working on a machine or looking at a complicated diagram.
“She’s a quiet girl, that one!” the villagers all thought.
That wasn’t quite true. Lyra talked her sister’s ear off!
Skye didn’t mind one bit. Lyra’s machines were always interesting.

One day, the children’s school had a science fair. Skye decided to enter.
“I’m going to do a project about the stars,” she said excitedly. “I know all the constellations.”

And Lyra? Lyra didn’t like speaking in front of the class, but she wanted to make one of her machines to help with Skye’s project. She thought and thought and finally had a wonderful idea. She got to work right away.
When Skye walked into their bedroom, she got a big surprise. The wall was covered with stars just like the night sky. Lyra had made a machine to project the stars inside!

On the day of the science fair, Skye showed the class her project. She turned off the lights and started Lyra’s projector. Their classmates gasped as they saw the stars on the wall.
“Those are the stars you see in the night sky”, Skye explained.
Skye won first prize for her wonderful project. Lyra was very happy that her machine had won.

Mr. Petite, the Bear father, gave Skye a medal. But Skye didn’t put it on. She walked over to Lyra and put it around Lyra’s neck instead!
“Lyra made that wonderful machine”, Skye explained. “This medal should really be hers.”
Everyone clapped for Lyra. Lyra almost burst with pride.

“So there are two winners!” said Mr. Petite. He gave Skye another medal and wrote a certificate with Lyra’s name on it. Now they both had a medal and certificate!

“Now let’s clap for them both!” said Mr. Petite. Their classmates all clapped and cheered.
“Thank you!” said Skye and Lyra, at the same time as usual.
They liked different things, but by putting them together, they had made something wonderful!

The End


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