Poppy the Yellow Labrador baby

Poppy Loves Photos

Poppy the Yellow Labrador baby was very grown up for her age.
She loved having her photo taken by her father. Whenever she wore a pretty dress or picked a lovely flower, she ran straight to her father and said
“Daddy, will you take a photo of me?” She made her favourite pose while Barker the Yellow Labrador father took the photo.

She also couldn’t resist joining other people’s photos. Every time somebody in Sylvanian Village had their photo taken, there was Poppy, waving in the background or sticking her head between the twins’.
When people in Sylvanian Village looked at photos, they said
“How did Poppy end up in that photo?”
Poppy always seemed to find a way.

One day, Barker decided to hold an exhibition of his photos.
“I’ll put in some photos of you and your friends too, Poppy”, Barker promised.
Poppy was very excited. She and Creme the Chocolate Rabbit baby changed into pretty dresses right away.

The babies wanted to take their photo next to the Yellow Labrador family's beautiful flowers. They went into the garden, climbed onto a tub of flowers and struck their favourite pose.
But just then, the babies lost their balance!
“Aaah!” they cried as they fell down.
They landed in the flower tub and got all dirty. Their photo was ruined.

Crème burst into tears.
Poppy picked up one of the flowers they had broken and gave it to Creme to comfort her.
“Are you OK now?” she asked.
Barker saw them and snapped a photo.

A few days later, the exhibition started.
In pride of place was the photo of Poppy and Crème.
The photo showed Poppy covered in mud, giving the flower to Crème to cheer her up when she cried.

“What a wonderful picture”, the visitors all said.
Poppy and Crème were very happy to hear their praise. And of course, Poppy was in a lot of the other photos too. She just loved photos so much. But nobody minded, because her smile was just so cute.

The End


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