Country Tree School

Let There Be Stars

“Good morning!”
The children came to school full of vim and vigour. It was the day they’d been waiting for.
“Good morning, everyone”, said Patrick Petite, the school head? teacher.
“Do you know what we will be doing today?”

“Star watching!” the children exclaimed happily.
They'd all been looking forward to looking for stars. But there was one thing everyone was worried about. It had been cloudy since the morning. They wouldn’t be able to see any stars at all if it stayed like this.

“Will it clear up by tonight?” wondered the children.
All day long, they kept looking out the windows during class.

Today’s lesson was about constellations, patterns of stars.
“Every season brings different constellations”, said Mr. Petite.
Then he told the stories of some constellations.
“Which constellations are we going to see tonight?”asked the children.
They could hardly wait for the night to come.

The girls had fun talking about constellations at lunchtime.
“What's your star sign?” Freya the Chocolate Rabbit Girl asked Andromeda the Bear Girl.
“I'm a Taurus”, replied Andromeda.
“What about you, Freya?”
“I'm a Libra”, said Freya.
“Let's look them up in the book.” They were all excited. But outside, the sky was still cloudy.

“Let’s ask the sky to come out” , they said.
The children went outside into the schoolyard and started calling,
“Clouds, clouds, go away! Come out, sunshine, come out!”
Just then, a ray of sunlight shone through a break in the clouds, and soon the blue sky started to peep through.

“Hurray! It’s clearing up!” Everyone was very happy.
Mr. Petite seemed happy too.
“Great job, everyone”, he said.
“Your wish must have been heard.”
That evening, the stars started to shine as the night fell.

The children looked through the telescope excitedly.
“Wow!” they exclaimed. “It's so beautiful!”.
There were twinkling stars as far as the eye could see. Everybody was impressed.
“What constellation is that, Mr. Petite?” the children asked.
Mr. Petite explained as they took turns looking through the telescope. It was a wonderful night, and the children smiled as brightly as the stars above them.



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