Introducing: Persian Cat Family

Give a warm welcome to the Persian Cat Family, the newest residents of Sylvanian Village! They’re an extra big family of ten characters, each of whom has completely different personalities and interests. Despite their differences, they all share their recognisable fluffy fur!


Lucas Persian is the father of the family and prides himself on his strong dancer’s physique. He drinks a delicious homemade smoothie every morning and always tries to get his wife and children to try his latest recipe.


Dawn Persian is a keen astronomer who spends most of her evenings gazing up at the sky. She’s always eager to learn more about constellations so spend hours studying her star charts – she always know the answer any questions her children may have! 


Lyra Persian is one of the twin who is especially happy with the new family home as it means she gets to learn about how the elevator works! She loves to tinker with machines and is always fascinated by how they work. Her mother Dawn hopes she doesn’t tinker around with the elevator too much though, or she’ll have to take the stairs!


Skye Persian is Lyra’s twin who has an eager interest in the natural sciences. As the seasons change, she likes to study the differences in the weather and especially loves recording the changes with her weathervane!


Ryan Persian is the oldest baby in the family. His passion is for photography and his best day ever was when his mother gave him his first camera! Now you’ll always find him taking pictures of his family, but equally loves to strike a pose in front of the camera too!


Leah and Bellamy Persian are the baby twins. They can often be found playing on their ride-on-train together, where Leah always gets Bellamy to push her!


Blair, Blake and Brianna are triplets and are the youngest members of the Persian Cat Family. Blair is the mischievous one, Blake’s favourite smell is mint and the family thinks Brianna is growing up extra quickly - she was the first to roll over after all!




Introducing: The Splashy Otter Family

Give a very warm welcome to the newest family in Sylvania, the Splashy Otter Family! You’ll often find them paddling or fishing down by the river, enjoying the sunshine on their fur.


Father Glenn Splashy loves spending time with his favourite people - his family of course! He loves to venture to the seaside with them on weekends, but thinks the river near his home in Sylvanian Village is the perfect spot to cool down on a hot summer’s day.


Mother Amanda Splashy loves taking the babies on adventures in their sweet fish shaped slings. She always encourages them to wear their biggest smiles and use their best manners.


Both babies are still very young but Nicole Splashy already loves watching the shimmering fish in the river while her father is fishing. She has the best view of the river from her sling and can be mesmerized by the water for hours! John Splashy loves spending time with his sister but is a mummy’s boy at heart, so rarely wanders far from Amanda.




The Polar Bear Family

Have you met the Polar Bear Family yet? They’ve travelled all the way from the North Pole to move to the Sylvanian Village! They’re settling into their new home nicely, making lots of new friends who all admire their soft, white fur.


Father Seamus is a true fisherman. He always researches which areas are the best to find certain fish and what bait they like the most, ensuring he always has a successful catch!


Mother Maya may be slow on land but once she’s in the water, she’s off quick as a flash! She loves the ocean and is an experienced diving instructor, so can’t wait to teach her new Sylvanian neighbours how to dive too.


Baby Yana hates the cold, even if she is a polar bear, so is very happy to have moved away from the chilly North Pole! Yana is always following her father around, learning as much about fishing as she can. Once day she’ll be an expert, just like him!




The Elephant Family

*Trumpety trump!* Give a warm welcome to the Elephant Family, who are the latest residents to Sylvanian Village! They’re settling in nicely and have already made lots of new friends.


The family are very laid back and enjoy a slow pace of life. Father Mitchell is quite the sleepy head. He often finds himself sitting down to relax for a few minutes and before he even knows it, he’s nodded off and is snoring away! Mitchell’s second favourite thing to do is gardening, especially looking after his prize crop of strawberries which he waters every single day, come rain or shine.


Mother Rianne always looks forward to the harvest of the strawberries, as she loves to eat. She’s also a bit of an exercise fanatic, so needs lots of food to give her all her energy – sometimes, she exercises so much that she’s hungry all over again!


Baby Hilton loves that his parents spend so much time outside, because running around playing tag is his best thing to do. He can’t wait to grow up so that he can do everything the grown-ups do, as he doesn’t like being the youngest in the family! Hilton has an adventurous heart and always asks his parents to take him exploring, so was extra excited to move to the Sylvanian Village as it meant more people to meet and new places to visit.




Maple Cat Sister & Marshmallow Mouse Sister

Have you met Miranda Maple and Stephanie Marshmallow, the new Town older sisters?


Miranda the Maple Cat Older Sister is a florist at the lovely Blooming Flower Shop in Town. She loves creating extravagant flower arrangements and spending time with her little sister Millie, who she is teaching about all the different types of flowers.


Miranda’s favourite flower is a simple daisy, but she loves anything that’s colourful! She even dresses from head to toe in a beautiful floral dress, with a flower bag to match!


Stephanie is the Marshmallow Mouse Older Sister and has a wonderful eye for detail. She’s an interior designer and nothing makes her whiskers tingle quite like a well decorated room. She helps her mother and father, Bianca and Bernard with the triplets when they are causing trouble, and is currently designing a brand new nursery to keep them entertained!


She wears a fashionable mint-green dress, and a belt which features a marshmallow motif. She always carries a camera, sketchbook and pencil in her handbag, ready to note down any ideas on the go!




Woolly Alpaca Family

The Woolly Alpacas are new to Sylvania, and are some of the most creative, craftiest Sylvanians around! They have the softest yarn which they take great pride in, and wear clothes in a gorgeous vintage style.


Andre can knit the warmest, cosiest garments out of the most beautifully coloured yarn. He sometimes spends so long poring over the samples, that Ariana wonders where he is.


Ariana is Andre’s beautiful wife with a singing voice to match. Her favourite season is winter and she practices Christmas carols all year long to sing to her neighbours. She also loves to wrap up warm in Andre’s cosy knitwear. 


Just like her parents, Fiorella is imaginative and artistic. You’ll usually find her creating something beautiful. Recently she has taken to embroidery and adds beautiful details to all of her clothes. Her latest project is with her father - they're making a beautiful scarf for her mother, which Fiorella will decorate with delicate embroidery.


Gabriel is the youngest of the Woolly Alpacas and, although he is the smallest, he certainly has the biggest smile. He loves the colour green and exploring the meadow is his favourite thing to do. 




The Town Girls

These wonderful young ladies are bringing their beauty, style and skills to the Town . Meet Lulu Golightly, Stella Chocolate and Laura Cakebread, the big sisters of some of our favourite Sylvanians in Town!  Although they will be very busy working hard, they love spending time with their families and teaching their little sisters to be successful young women, just like them.


Lulu Golightly is a talented makeup artist and loves to make the visitors to Town look AND feel beautiful. Lulu is very beautiful herself -  her favourite colour is purple as it goes so well with her pure white fur and elegant eyes. When she’s not swishing and swooping her brushes over the cheeks and eyelids of the locals you will see her about town shopping with her younger siblings Tiffany And Toby, or sharing afternoon tea with her friends Stella and Laura.


Stella Chocolate is the fashion icon of the Town. Her dress is one she designed herself and is always paired with the perfect accessories. Stella likes to make sure people feel special, so she uses other Sylvanian’s birthstones to create a special dress just for them. She has a private studio, a space in which she just loves to get creative whenever she’s not working hard selling dresses at the Grand Department Store. Stella’s little sister Freya simply bursts with pride when she speaks about her big sister.


Laura Cakebread makes the best chocolates anyone has ever tasted. Sometimes she makes them shaped like beautiful jewels… they look too pretty to eat! She is big sister to Melinda, who loves baking cakes and dreams of having her own successful business just like Laura when she is older. When Laura isn’t working at the chocolate shop you will nearly either find them cooking up some tasty treats or exploring the town.




Maple Cat Family

Meet the Maple Cat Family: Father Theodore, Mother Georgina, Sister Millie and Brother Jasper. You’ll recognise them by their beautiful ginger coats, which are super soft and shiny in the sunlight. They’re the newest family and you’ll usually find them in the Town, where Theodore and Georgina both work.


Theodore is the new tram driver in the Town and quickly makes friends with everyone he meets. He’ll usually be wearing a driver’s hat and red bow tie, as well as the cheeriest smile on his face. Theodore never gets lost and often gives great suggestions to those looking for their next adventure.


Georgina is the owner of the Creamy Gelato Shop, which serves the best gelato in all of the Town! She can guess which your favourite gelato flavour is just by meeting you! She picks all the fresh fruit for her gelato by paw and often creates new flavour combinations, which she gives to the children to test out.


Millie is a big nature enthusiast and will happily stay out in the meadow all day long, studying all the different plants. She has a real eye for composition and her beautiful bouquets are always perfectly arranged. She’s even been asked to lend a paw with the flowers for the Delicious Restaurant!


Jasper is a budding author, with a huge imagination that he uses to create lots of adventure stories. When he needs some inspiration, he goes to the library to read about his favourite characters – sometimes he’ll be there until the sun goes down and will have to run home for dinner!


Little Alfie is a bit of a rascal! You have to keep a close eye on him, as he’s very curious and always wandering off to explore somewhere new. He loves musical instruments and is especially good on the xylophone. He takes it with him everywhere, even for journeys on board his dad’s tram!


Twins Daisy and Misty Maple are quite the opposite of each other. Daisy is very confident and loves loud music, often playing together with her brother Alfie, whereas Misty is a bit more timid. She prefers peace and quiet and can find loud noises quite scary.




White Mouse Family

Meet the Hawthorns White Mouse Family: Father Hickery, Mother Imogen, Brother Bryce and Sister Laurel. You’ll spot them a mile off as their fur is as white as snow and their ears as pink as candyfloss. They’ll usually be spotted running around the fields playing games – all as one big family.                                                                                                                                             Hickery is a cheerful entertainer and likes to make everyone around him feel happy. His magic skills ensure he can often be found entertaining other Sylvanian residents with his amazing tricks. No one can ever work out how he does the tricks, and when asked, his response is always “It’s just magic!”                                                                                                                                                                                              Imogen loves to talk on the phone – she’s always advising customers at work who are looking for a new car so they can take their family on an adventure. She always has the right suggestions and makes lots of new friends through her job. In her spare time, she loves to map out the family’s next camping adventure.                                                                                                                                                                Bryce is popular at school. Cheerful and full of good spirit, he likes making everyone laugh by telling jokes. He sometimes giggles a little too much in class but always apologies if a teacher is speaking at the same time. Bryce’s hand is the first to go up when a question is asked and even if his answer is not quite right, his friends admire his enthusiasm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Laurel always does things her own way. She’s always on an adventure -either real or imaginary - and can’t wait for the next one to start!




The Toy Poodle Family

Meet the Cakebread Toy Poodle Family: Father Frank, Mother Veronica, Brother Eric and Sister Melinda. They’re the newest members to the village and you’ll often find them at the new Village Cake Shop, no doubt icing delicious cakes to their heart’s content.

Father Frank is good at sports and loves playing soccer or games of catch with the children in the village on weekends. Frank’s outfits make him stand out from the crowd - whether he's wearing ordinary clothes or dressed for sport, he always looks striking. His favourite item is a rather fetching green tie… it’s as green as Sylvanian grass!  

Mother Veronica runs the Village Cake Shop; she's particularly good at making pretty decorations out of cream and is often invites everyone from the village around to her house to try her latest creation. 

Brother Eric is top of the class at school but is also good at helping his friends when they don't understand something. Everyone goes to straight to him for help because he knows just how to explain things clearly and kindly – maybe he will be a teacher one day! Sometimes he cares a little too much about his grades; if he doesn't get full marks in a test, he gets so disappointed that he runs home as soon as school is over.

Sister Melinda is an outgoing girl and makes friends very easily. She loves baking cakes; one day her mother made a new cake and invited all of the children around for a tea party. Melinda had so much fun that she's now learning how to bake cakes herself so she can hold her own tea party.

Baby Milo just wants to do things by himself, like a big boy! He loves to be praised – it’s like sunshine on his back – so whenever he manages to do something all by himself, Milo makes sure he tells his mother or nursery teacher. On the other hand, there are some things about being a baby that he still enjoys, such as napping in his mother's lap….. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Mia is the smiliest baby in the village. She always has a beaming smile on her face, even when she’s surrounded by people she doesn’t know. Making friends is her favourite thing to do.

Max is very quiet compared to his twin sister and never gets into any mischief. But he does love to be on the move, crawling around as fast as he can when his family aren’t watching.