For Sale


Elegant Town Manor

Hello there! Are you here to have a look around the Elegant Town Manor? The clue is in the name - this is an exclusive, luxurious property that I know you’re going to love!


Oh, look up there, Stella is waving at you from the balcony! Now, lets go in and I’ll show you all the features of this home. It’s just through these doors, which you’ll notice have beautiful gold engravings for a touch of sparkle.


On the ground floor there’s a spacious living area, which would be perfect for throwing wonderful dinner parties or having a sleepover with all your friends. You can decorate it however you like, so you could ask Stephanie Marshmallow for some interior decoration ideas if you get stuck.


Now let me show you upstairs. The spiral staircase is extra grand and can be moved anywhere in the building, letting you change things around when you feel like it. Here we are! This floor can be used as the main bedroom, with lots of room for your bed and wardrobe. Now if you look up, we have the best feature of the house - this extra sparkly chandelier! The light makes the most wonderful shapes through it, don’t you think? There’s even a little balcony outside, so you can star gaze until your heart’s content!


It’s in a brilliant location, just down the road from the Grand Department Store and a hop, skip and a jump to the Ride Along Tram for when you want to visit home.


So, what do you think? You like it? I knew you would and I’m sure you’ll be very happy indeed here!


For Sale


Grocery Market

Good morning to you, isn’t it a beautiful day? It’s a little chilly outside, but who doesn’t enjoy a brisk walk in the winter sunshine? I’m about to do just that and pop out to the local grocery market to fetch some ingredients for a home-made tomato soup. Speaking of which, did you hear the Grocery Market is up for sale? It’s perfect for all your Sylvanian shopping needs!


It’s the sweetest little shop with a forest green roof and orange-striped canopies. You can even move the tills and food shelves around to have the layout exactly how you like it.


Now, if you’re worrying about stocking up your shelves then there’s no need to fret, as it comes fully stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, a few tins, milk, a variety of juice and cereals! 


With all that shopping, your customers may need a helping paw, so there are baskets and personal shopping bags to carry all their goodies. The check-out counter even has a working conveyor belt to slide their food into the bags, isn’t that clever? Don’t forget their points card when they pay! 


Now let’s see, what else can I show you? Oh yes! The whole building can be rearranged to create a lovely outdoor stand so your Sylvanians can see all you have to offer while walking past! It might be best to wait until the weather warms up though – you don’t want your strawberries getting chilly, now do you?


Well, we’ve reached the end of the tour and I’m keen to hear what you think! So, will you take it? You will? That’s wonderful news! Why don’t you come with me to have a look around and we can discuss the details and warm up our paws over that soup.



For Sale


For Sale: The Log Cabin

Brrr! The weather is certainly getting chilly, isn’t it my dear? Summer seems like a distant dream! Well don’t you worry your little nose about it, I have the cosiest cabin in all of Sylvania for sale for a very special price. Come on, let’s have a look around shall we?


This place is the height of luxury with the authentic pine walls and lovely wooden interiors. There’s even a small balcony, where you can sip a cup of acorn tea whilst listening to the nature around you – it has the bestest views of the surrounding woodlands!


You’re not an early bird you say? Then you can enjoy a lie-in on one of two hammocks inside. They’re so comfortable, you’ll be asleep in no time… zzzz. It really is the perfect spot for an autumnal weekend away, right in the midst of nature.


If you still need a little convincing, here’s a secret I don’t tell every Sylvanian about this sweet cabin: the front steps can be transformed into a hot tub! It’s a rather special feature and will certainly be a hit with your friends! Don’t forget to bring a towel out with you, as it’s a rather chilly dash back to the cabin otherwise!


Well, I think that’s it for the tour. Are you keen? Yes? Absolutely wonderful! I’m sure you’ll have some wonderful holidays here.


For Sale


Seaside Restaurant

Well hello there, poppet, what can I do for you today? You’d like to spend all day long beside the sea, taking in the fresh air? That sounds like the most perfect day and I’ve got just thing for you! Let me show you around the Seaside Restaurant – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


You can go right inside if you like, after you. As you can see in the corner, the restaurant has its own fully-fitted indoor barbecue which means it’s easy to rustle up something quick and delicious for guests. Just peer outside to spot the jetty; customers love to nip out here after they’ve eaten, to feel the sea breeze after dinner. Isn’t the view just dreamy?


The Seaside Restaurant attracts a lot of friends and families so I’m sure it’s right up your street; the little ones love going outside and playing on the Splash & Play Whale while you’re making them something scrumptious. It’s the loveliest place to dine in the evening – don’t worry, the light works perfectly so the dining area will be as bright as a star. Take a stroll down the beach after dinner if you like, it’s rather lovely and peaceful at that time.


You like the sound of it, do you? Well that’s just delightful to hear. It’s all yours!


For Sale


The Delicious Restaurant

Good day to you! And how are we on this fine afternoon? I’m so glad you popped by, I have something which I think you will just LOVE.


Please, feast your eyes on the Delicious Restaurant. Word has it that this is the best restaurant in Town and it could be yours in a flash.


Featuring classic wooden dining table and chairs, as well as plates, cups, saucers and glasses for the best dinner in town. But wait, there’s more to see!


Make your way upstairs and you will find the kitchen, fully equipped to suit all your cooking needs. We have pots, pans, spoons, spatulas, the lot! And since I’m feeling particularly generous today I will get you started on your way and include some delicious food. There might even be a rather fabulous cake, that’s if I haven’t already eaten it… Yum!


If that isn’t enough, then just for you I’ll throw in something to wear too. We have a crisp set of chef whites for any budding young chef who wants to work in your kitchen. I must say this is a rather popular spot, probably because the food smells so good. It’s lovely to look at too, with the minty green walls and cute red canopies. So, what do you say? You’ll take it? How wonderful!


For Sale


Village Cake Shop

Oh hello there, it’s been a quite a while since we last saw each other! How are you enjoying that little Convertible of yours? Oh, splendid, you drove it here today, did you? How wonderful, I’m glad you’re having lots of adventures in it.

You’re looking for something extra special this time? Well, look no further! The new Village Cake Shop will have you busy as a bee!

The Village Cake Shop comes complete with all you need to get your paws baking straight away, including a selection of utensils such as a piping bag, tongs and a whisk for mixing. We’ll even throw in some pretty gift boxes as a little treat for you, how does that sound? There are some delicious toppings too and 11 varieties of cake to get you started.

All this talk about cake is making me hungry…

As you’ve probably seen while you’ve been shopping today, the Village Cake Shop has a pretty-in-pink triangular roof which - I have to say - is the icing on the cake! You’ll take it? Perfect. If you ever have some spare crumbs lying around, you know where I am.

See you soon!


For Sale


Secret Island Playhouse

Oh hello there, how lovely to meet you! How can I help? Oh, I see! You’re looking for somewhere super special to go to for your holidays. I know just the place, but you must promise to keep it to yourself – it’s a secret after all!

This is the Secret Island Playhouse! This magical hideaway will be the most wonderful place to escape to and have all sorts of adventures this summer… let me show you around.

There are two spacious floors so you can bring all the family and there’s something to suit everyone. Jump straight into the sea for a cool down whenever you like, or sit on the steps and paddle your little feet if you don’t want to get too wet. There’s even a pair of goggles and flippers for the younger ones to go snorkelling with – maybe they’ll see some colourful fishies!

When everyone’s tummies are rumbling, sit as a family around the log table and tuck into something truly delicious… like cake! Or, if you’re feeling a bit tired, you can have a little lie down with a good book on the top floor. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the salty sea air and the wonderful view all at the same time. You can even dash on up to the look-out post to get the best view in all of Sylvanian Village! Land ahoy!

I’ll even include a treasure map which will help you find the best spots for sunbathing and rock pooling, not to mention the best place for ice cream. Yum!

You’ll take it? Oh, that’s wonderful! There’s so much exploring to be done, I just know you’ll have the best time ever! Don’t forget to send me a postcard!


For Sale


Seaside Cruiser House Boat

Well hello there! You must be here to look round the Seaside Cruiser House Boat? It’s docked out back, so let’s go take a look shall we? I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do.

If you’re looking for a way to go on exciting holidays with all your friends and family, then the Seaside Cruiser House Boat is just the thing for you! There are so many things to do on this little boat that you’ll never ever get bored.

You can spend your day enjoying the sunshine on deck with a cool drink, while the little ones splash about in the pool. There’s even a waterslide for them to fly down! If you want to relax why not have a go at fishing? There’s a rod included on the boat so you can just pop yourself down and enjoy that sea air. If adventures are more your thing, take the little rowing boat out to explore some nearby desert islands. Binoculars and a map will help you plan your route and you might even find some buried treasure! Fancy a swim? Just fold down the side of the boat to create your own waterslide straight into the ocean, whoosh! Some goggles and flippers are just the ticket if you want to go snorkelling and see some fishies – the red ones are my favourite!

The boat has plenty of accessories to make it feel really homely, like the spacious kitchen and dining area. You can make a delicious meal then sit together enjoying all the sparkly stars. The super comfy beds will ensure you have the best night’s sleep ever, ready for whatever excitement tomorrow will bring.

You’ll take it? Oh I’m so glad! I just know you’ll have the best summer holidays ever, filled with sunshine and excitement!


For Sale


Convertible Car

Well, well, well you’re quick off your toes aren’t you! We’ve only just got the Convertible Car in and you’re here to whisk it away just as fast. Let me pop it out the front and then you can have a little go; see if you like it.

This is the newest car we have; can you see it’s as shiny as a penny? Shinier even! It’s a new style for us too! Hop inside and I’ll show you how it works.

You can open and close the fabric top as you please on this little cherry so if you want the wind to blow through your ears on a sunny day then that’s exactly what you shall have! If the weather starts to get a little grumpy then just pop it closed and you’ll be all nice and cosy. It’s just like magic!

This car isn’t really for little conkers, though. It’s a two seater, perfect for a couple of Sylvanians on their way to adventure and back. Golly, who doesn’t love an adventure?

Oh, just one more thing before you zoom away – this is the only one we have in at the moment. It’s one of just a pawful being released and you might be the only Sylvanians in the village to have it!

You’ll take it? Perfect! 


For Sale


Adventure Treasure Ship

Hello, hello, yes come on in. You’re here to take a look at the Adventure Treasure Ship, is that right? It’s all set up out the back, on the riverside, just hop on through.

We’ve actually just purchased one ourselves - our youngest can’t get enough of it! He loves looking out from the viewing deck to see what else is going on. It comes complete with binoculars, perfect for his keen little eyes to spot new adventures.

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, here we are. If you’re looking for something suitable for all ages then you’re in the right place. It’s got a swing for little conkers, a climbing net for any extra adventurous acorns and some hidden treasure for a scavenger hunt on a rainy day, perfect for the whole family.

But what else, you ask? Well, this isn’t just any old Adventure Treasure Ship. No, no, no. This particular ship is one of a kind. It has hidden compartments all around the deck. Yes, you heard right, secret, hidden compartments. Oh no, I couldn’t possibly tell you what they’re for though because it’s a surprise. You’ll have to find out by yourself!

Oh, and one last thing – it can connect to the Splash & Play Whale - that I believe you got from us just last week - to make one giant playground. The kids will have a whale of a time!

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