Gingerbread Playhouse

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Product Description

Gingerbread Playhouse contains a baby figure in Santa costume and a delicious-looking Gingerbread house.Gingerbread Playhouse includes a Marshmallow Mouse Baby Santa that can go down the chimney of the cabin-like Gingerbread Playhouse and ride the cookie sleigh.The Gingerbread Playhouse and sleigh are designed for use with the Sylvanian Family babies, and goes fabulously with our other separately-sold baby figures. It's tons of fun to play with, and makes a fantastic Christmas decoration as well!

Box Contents

Santa (Marshmallow Mouse Baby), Gingerbread Playhouse, Cookie Sleigh
(a total of 3 pieces)

• Seasonal Product.
• The Gingerbread Playhouse comes with one baby figure dressed as Santa, who can ride the sleigh.
• The included Baby Santa can also go down the Gingerbread Playhouse chimney.
• Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
• Suitable for ages three years and above

Item Code : 5390

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