Sky Ride Adventure

The Chocolate Rabbits Go Flying

It was a nice day and everyone in the Sylvanian Village was visiting The Sea Breeze Cape together. While the children were playing, Freya Chocolate Rabbit and Crème Chocolate Rabbit Baby found a baby bird in the rocks on Adventrue Island. She had fallen out of her nest in the big tall tree on the top of the cliff.
“We’ve got to help her”, said Freya.
Freya and her family took the baby bird home with them that day.

Freya and Crème nursed the little bird and checked the cage everyday to make sure she was ok. As time went on the little bird became well again. Freya and Crème were very happy indeed. As the little bird got bigger she started to sing more and more. Crème sang along happily.
“You really love that bird don’t you Creme?” said Freya.
Freya loved the bird too, and was very relieved that she was now well.

Soon it was time to let the bird go.
“Now, that the bird is all better we had better take her back home”,
said Freya.
“No”! Cried Crème,
“I want her to stay”.
There was another problem too. The birds nest was high up in the tree on the cliff and nobody could reach it. Freya didn’t know what to do. She went to ask Fredrick Walnut Squirrel for help. Cedric was the village inventor so Freya told him all about her problem and asked if he had any good ideas.

“A bird’s nest that’s too high to reach?”,
thought Credic, he puzzled over the problem, looked up at the sky and had a brilliant idea.
“That’s it”, he said to himself,
“I’ll make one of those!”.
Cedric got straight to work. Word got out that Cedric had a new invention but nobody knew what it was. Every day the children would peek into Credric's workshop, they were so very excited.

At last Cedric’s great invention was finished. It was a peculiar looking vehicle with a great big top that looked very much like balloon. Nobody had seen anything like it before.
“It’s a flying tricycle, you can fly in it to put the bird back in the nest”
said Cedric.
“Wow, thank you so much Mr Walnut”,
said Freya.
Creme, Freya and their Father Frasier got into the flying tricyle with the baby bird and off they went. The villagers watched anxiously as the flying tricyle began to rise up into the air.

“Hooray, it works”! Cried Freya.
Bye-bye waved Crème to the towns people. The flying tricyle flew higher and higher until the houses and lighthouse below looked very small indeed. Freya and Crème felt very excited as they looked down at the Sea Breeze Cape below them.
“Wheeeeee” cried out Creme,
“It’s like a dream, this is so much fun Creme, this is why the baby bird needs to go home, so she can fly too just like us ”
said Freya.

Now Crème understood that it was time to go home for the little bird. Freya opened the cage and the baby bird flew out happily. She flew next to the Chocolate Rabbit Family in the flying tricycle looking as happy as could be.
“Race you to Adventure Island Little Bird”
called Freya as they flew back to Sea Breeze Cape in their wonderful Flying Tricycle.



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