Seaside Ice Cream Shop

Ice Cream by the Sea

Most weekends Freya Chocolate Rabbit her family and their friends all head up the coast to Sea Breeze Cape. The children were always very excited but this time was different. This time Sabrina Stripped Cat had sent them all a lettter saying that something wonderful had happened and they had to come and see.
“I wonder what it could be”?
the children asked each other as they made their way up to the cape.

When they arrived at the beach the children noticed something new in the distance.
“What’s that”? asked Freya.
“It looks like a giant ice cream”, said Bonnie the Persian Cat.
She was right, there was a giant ice cream by the sea shore. The children got out of the car and ran over to the beach where they saw a sign for a new ice cream shop. Amelia the Strip Cat mother greeted all the children with a big smile.
“Welcome to the Seaside Ice cream shop, your our first customers!”.
The children were so excited.

Tubs of many different colours were on top of the counter.
“Wow” said Freya,
“They look so pretty”.
“What kind of ice cream is this one”? Asked Ralph Walnut,
“This is passionfruit ice cream”, replied Amelia,
“The blueberry ice cream is good too”,
added Sabrina Striped Cat who was busy helping in the store.

The ice cream was cool and delicious, just right for a summer day, the children were so happy.
“I’ve never tried this kind of ice cream before”, said Freya,
“It’s delicious”.
The babies were also very happy as they sat on the fruit shaped chairs and the bench that moved like a see-saw eating their favourite flavours of ice cream.

But Creme Chocolate Rabbit was not happy. When Amelia asked her what she wanted she pointed at the big ice cream shaped sign and said
“I want an ice cream that big.”

Creme had thought the ice creams in the shop were really the same size as the big sign, she had been looking forward to eating an ice cream so big and was very dissappointed when she couldn’t have one. Amelia told Creme that she couldn’t do one that size but she could give her a special extra large one with five scoops.

Creme was very happy with her special ice cream. Then Amelia pointed to the giant ice cream sign and asked Creme if she would like to get in it. Amelia led Creme inside and they went up into the terrace which had a lookout, they could see all across the beach.
“I’m in the giant ice cream”! yelled Creme.

Creme’s ice cream tasted even better up on the terrace with the cool breeze blowing and looking out over the blue sea. The other babies climbed up to have a look as well. Ambrose Walnut Squirrel could see Creme’s grandad’s Cruiser in the distance and Freya and the other children waved to the babies and Amelia from below.

Everybody was so very happy as they looked out over the beach and the sparkling blue sea. This was another adventure for them and they couldn’t wait to visit Sea Breeze Cape again soon..

The End.


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