Convertible Car

The Best Car Ever

The Chocolate Rabbit family had a brand new car. A lovely two seater orange convertible. It was great for shopping and sometimes Freya was allowed to go in it with her mother or father. One sunny day Freya's grandfather invited her up to Sea Breeze Cape for a Sunset Cruise.

Freya’s father was going to take her up in the new car. She was very excited about that as she hadn’t been on a long trip in it.
“First we need to do some shopping for your cruise Freya” said her mother.
So off they drove to Freya’s favourite boutique to get her a new bag.

When Freya woke up the morning of the cruise it was raining. Oh no thought Freya’s mother, Freya will be so disappointed if she can’t go on her cruise.
“It’s probably fine at Sea Breeze Cape”, said Freya’s father,
“we will just have to drive with the top down. So off they went”,
“Goodbye”! Freya called to her mother.

Freya's father was right, the rain had eased as they made their way up to Sea Breeze Cape.
“Let's take the scenic detour to the Cape, I want to show you something beautiful”.
Freya and her father arrived at the top of a tall mountain. The rain had stopped and the sun was peering through the clouds, they could see for miles, a rainbow even popped out.
“Wow, you were right dad, this is beautiful” said Freya.

The rain had now stopped so Freya and her father got back into the convertible. Freya's father popped the top down and off they drove to the Cape.
“Weeeee!” cried Freya,
“This is so much fun”.
The scenery flew by and the breeze was cooling on them.

Just as the sun was about to set and the sky had changed from blue to red they arrived at Sea Breeze Cape. Freya jumped out of the car and ran to greet her grandparents who were waiting on the pier. She told them about the wonderful trip in the convertible, how fast it had gone and how the breeze blew all around them.

The family soon climbed aboard the cruiser as it set off towards the sunset.
“Going out to sea is a lot of fun but I bet driving through the wind is pretty good too Freya”, said her Grandfather.
“You and I can go for a drive along the coast tomorrow if you like”, said her Grandmother.
“Yes, we can do lots of driving too” said Freya.
The young rabbit couldn't wait for tomorrow when she would go driving around the cape with the sea breeze blowing by with her grandmother.

The End.


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