Secret Island Playhouse

Big Adventures at the Secret Island Playhouse

Near the Sea Breeze Cape is Adventure Island. A beautiful island and cove that can only be reached by Seaside Cruiser. At the back of this cove is the Sylvanian childrens Secret Island Playhouse. When the children want to have a big adventure they spread the words
“Lets meet at the Secret Island Playhouse”.
The children can leap into the clear blue water to swim and lay in the sun on the lovely sand banks, take naps and have a lovely time in the special secret place.

As the families all headed to the cove for their holidays Rhys Chocolate Rabbit told the children the story he had heard.
“They say a Rainbow fish lives in the sea at the Cove and it’s the most beautiful fish anyone has every seen”.
The children were so very excited,
“Wow, I want to see it, let’s all look for it”,
yelled Freya and Shane.

Shane was the most excited because he loved adventures. He called a meeting in the Secret Island Playhouse so the children could plan their adventure.
“The Great Search for the Rainbow Fish has begun!” he declared.
The children thought it would be a great idea to climb up somewhere high to view the cove. So they decided to climb to the outlook on the top of the play house and look down at the sea.

“Can you see anything?” asked Shane.
“No”, said the others “We can't see anything”.
They kept looking and even used the binoculars but nothing.
“Why don’t we all go for a dive and see if we can find the fish that way” said Freya.
The other children thought it was a great idea.
“Change of plans”, yelled Shane.

The children all changed into their swimming costumes, put their goggles and flippers on and jumped into the clear blue water but still could not see the rainbow fish. Chocolate Grandfather kept an eye on the children as they swam in the sea. They were getting a little tired after swimming for such a long time, Ralph called out
“I can’t see anything,”
“Maybe Grandad was wrong about the fish”, yelled Freya.
Just then Piers called out with excitement.

“Look” he shouted.
Everybody including Grandfather looked at the water and noticed it began to change colour, from blue to many colours of the rainbow. All of a sudden a great rainbow fish jumped out of the water covering the children in the salty sea.
“It’s the rainbow fish”,
they cried, all jumping back into the water to get a better look at the beautiful fish. All of a sudden the fish swam back to the bottom of the ocean and disappeared. The children were very disappointed.

“It’s gone”, they cried.
But looking down where the fish had gone they could see a large hole in the rocks.
“There’s a hole” said Freya,
“I wonder where that leads to”, said Ralph.
“Lets go and explore it”, yelled Shane.
But that’s another adventure.

The End.


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