Brick Oven Bakery

A Yummy Present

All the children in the Sylvanian Village loved the Brick Oven Bakery. They visited there most days and watched the lovely treats come out of the big brick oven. As soon as the children could smell the baking they new where the smell was coming from.

Eleanor Bramble Hedgehog was the Baker. She always greeted the children with a big smile
“Hello, I've been waiting for your all to arrive”, she would say.
Out would come the croissants, pain au chocolat and other yummy treats. There were so many wonderful things to choose from which made it it very hard for the children as everything was very yummy.

One day on the way home from school Freya Chocolate Rabbit and Saffron Walnut Squirrel popped into the bakery. The girls picked their favourites, Freya chose a strawberrry danish and Saffron a walnut bun.
“It looks so pretty”, said Freya,
“I just want to put it in my room and look at it”.

After listening to Freya it gave Saffron an idea. The next day Saffron went to the bakery to ask Eleanor a favour.
“ My mum loves your food so much, could you bake something special for her birthday?” asked Saffron.
“Of course I can , What do think she would like”? asked Eleanor.

Saffron and Eleanor talked about some ideas but nothing really seemed right. Minutes later Freya walked into the bakery looking for her friend Saffron. When she heard about the plan she said
“I know, what about your lovely bread Eleanor made into the shape of your house Saffron, your mum is always inviting people over to your house”
said Freya.

It was such a good idea, Saffron, Eleanor and Freya were so very happy.
“I’ll bake your mother a wonderful house, just wait and see”, said Eleanor.
On the day of Yardley Walnut Squirrels birthday Saffron and Freya went to the bakery to collect the bread house. It was enormous, lovely but enormous.

“Your house has room for everybody so I wanted to make sure this bread house was big too, but I think I got a bit carried away”!
she smiled.
Saffron was so very excited and thanked Mrs Bramble very much. Freya and Saffron carefully carried the Baked Bread House all the way home without spilling a drop.

The girls arrived at Saffrons house and present Yardley with the bread house, she was so delighted and the bread was wonderful. From that day on word had spread and Eleanor was very busy with her special bread orders. Shane the Stripped Cat even asked for her special bread in the shape of a car. Eleanors specials treats were getting very very popular.

The End.


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