Country Tree School

Let There Be Stars

"Good Morning Mr Petite!"
The children came to school full of excitement. It was the day they'd all been waiting for.
"Good morning class" replied Patrick Petite, the school head teacher.
"Do you know what we will be doing today?" he asked.

"Star Watching" the children sang in unison.
They'd all been looking forward to today, but there was one thing that worried them.

It had been cloudy all morning, and they knew they would not be able to see any stars if it the sky stayed like this.
"Will it clear up by tonight?" wondered Freya Chocolate.

Today's lesson was about the constellations. Everyone were eager to learn, they could hardly wait for night to come.

Throughout lunch Freya and Andromeda Petite couldn't stop talking about constellations.
"What's your star sign?" asked Freya.
"I'm a Taurus" replied Andromeda excitedly, "what's yours?"
"Libra … let's look them up in our books" suggested Freya.

Outside the sky was still very cloudy.
"Let's ask the clouds to disappear" suggested Freya.
All the children gathered in the schoolyard and started to chant …
"Clouds, clouds, go away! Come out sunshine, come out!"
Suddenly a ray of light broke through the clouds, and soon blue sky started to appear.

"Hurray! It's clearing up!" everyone yelled in unison.
"Great job" Mr Petite said, "Your wish must have been heard."

As night fell the stars started to shine.
The children looked through the telescope excitedly - "WOW!" they exclaimed one by one, "it's so beautiful".
Twinkling stars could be seen far and wide.
Every child was smiling as brightly as the stars above them ... What a wondeful night!

The End.


Photographs are arranged specially to depict the characters in the stories.

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