Freya the Chocolate Rabbit

The Memory Cake

Freya Chocolate loved to draw pictures of sweets and cakes to make in her little kitchen. But most of all she loved inviting her friends over for tea parties. She would spend hours making her invitiations, drawing lovely pictures of her sweets showing her friends what they would be eating.

Freya's friends loved receiving her invitiations and just looking at them made their mouths water. Freya spent hours baking and decorating her sweets and setting them up on her table to await her friends.

Freya was so excited and couldn't wait for her friends to arrive. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door.
“Hello Freya” says Saffron Walnut Squirrel.
“Come in” says Freya.
So Saffron, Rebecca Periwinkle, Zara Harvey and mandy Brightfield walked in and sat around the lovely table full of sweets and cakes.
“Freya” says Saffron,
“I have just thought of something we did a long time ago”.

“Remember that delicious cake we got from the Sweet Shop”? says Saffron,
“I would love to try that one again”.
“Oh yes”, says Freya,
“I do remember how yummy it was, shall we try and make it our selves”?
The two girls looked at each other and smiled, we were so young,
“can we really do it”? they said.

Saffron thought for a moment,
“I think it had nuts in it” she said
“And there was cream on top..wasn't there”? Said Freya.
They all laughed. After the lovely tea party was over and everyone had gone home the two girls tried again and again to make the cake like they remembered but it didn't seem to work out. By now the kitchen and the girls were covered in flour and cake mixture and had just about enough.

But then Teri Chocolate Mother walked into the kitchen with one of Freya's old sketchbooks that she used to draw her amazing cakes and sweets. There in the book was a picture of Freya's family eating the first cake that Freya had made with her mum.

Teri showed Freya, “That's it, that's the cake” cried Freya.
Freya had put so much hard work into making the cake and was happy that her family enjoyed it. She decided to draw a picture of it so that she would not forget the memory and her mother had kept the book.
“Thank you Mum”, cried Freya.

Freya, Saffron and Teri tried to bake the cake again following the picture, arranging strawberries and nuts the same. When it came out of the oven the girls tried a little bit and it tasted just as good as they remembered. The girls were so happy that they invited their friends back over for another tea party to try their lovely cake.

The girls all loved the cake so much “Mmmm” they cried, “It's delicious”!.
Freya and Saffron were so happy their friends love the cake, they were smiling from ear to ear.
“This is going to be called The Memory Cake” said Freya, because it was a special memory and all the friends agreed.



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