Red Roof Country Home

Red Roof Country Home

One day, the Chocolate Rabbit family were looking at a stylish furniture magazine.

They were amazed by the lovely furniture in it. “Wow, it’s beautiful!” said Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl. “I wish I had such a lovely sofa set.”

Frasier the Chocolate Rabbit father heard her. “Leave it to me!” he said.

He decided to make some new furniture for the family.
“Hooray!” they said.
When he saw how happy his family were, Frasier decided that he wouldn’t stop there.
“I’ll make a TV stand too!” he declared.

Frasier was very happy indeed. He liked nothing better than seeing his family happy.

He got to work in the garden, with the children helping.
At last, the lovely furniture was finished.
“We did it!” said Frasier and the children.

The family was very happy with Frasier’s furniture.
“Thank you, Dad!” they said.

“This will look perfect in this room!” added Coco the Chocolate Rabbit boy.

They all started to bring the furniture inside…but soon discovered a problem.

“That’s odd”, said Coco.
The door of the TV stand came off and the legs of the table broke right away.

Frasier hadn’t measured the furniture properly! He was a bit of a scatterbrain about things like that.

The children were very disappointed indeed.
This time it was Teri the Chocolate Rabbit mother’s turn to say “It’s all right. Leave it to me!” She was smiling.

You see, Teri was very good at fixing old things and broken things.
“Don’t tell your father!” she said.

Before long, Teri had fixed all the broken furniture.
At last the new furniture was all set up in the room.

The Chocolate Rabbit family gathered around to look.
They liked their beautiful new furniture very much.

“I’ll make you some more new furniture one day”, said Frasier.

The rest of the family couldn’t help but chuckle.

“All’s well that ended well!” thought Freya and her family as they tried out their wonderful new furniture.

The End


Photographs are arranged specially to depict the characters in the stories.

Some accessories are props made specially for the photographs, and are not available for purchase.

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