The Department Store of Dreams

Grand Department Store

One day, Stella the Chocolate Rabbit older sister invited Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl and the rest of the family on a shopping trip to the department store in town.

The department store caught everyone’s eye immediately.
It was so big and so elegant that nobody could believe their eyes at first.

“I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things in there”, thought Freya excitedly as they walked through the revolving door.
“Wow!” said Freya when they got inside. “It’s so big! It’s like a castle!”
As she looked up at the high ceiling, she felt like she was in a storybook.

Everywhere she looked, Freya could see elegantly dressed customers.
As she walked past the cosmetics shop and the chocolate shop, Lulu the Silk Cat older sister and Laura the Toy Poodle older sister said hello to her with a smile. “Welcome to our shop!” they said.
When Freya and her family took the lift to the first floor, there was Stella’s dress shop – and there was Stella!

“I love everything so much, I don’t know where to look!” said Freya.
“I felt the same way the first time I came to the department store”, said Stella. “Everything was so exciting. Ever since then, my dream was to make lovely dresses that I could sell in this beautiful department store.”
And with that, Stella went to fetch something.

It was a new dress!
“I made it for you, Freya”, she said.
“Wow!” said Freya. “It’s beautiful! Can I try it on?”

Freya happily tried on the dress and twirled in front of the mirror.
Then Stella took Freya to the cosmetics shop.

Lulu greeted her.
“My dream is to make everyone happy with my makeup”, she said.

After Lulu put makeup on Freya that went perfectly with her dress, Freya and her family went to the chocolate lounge where Laura brought them some chocolate and tea.
Freya was enjoying her trip to the department store very much.

“I didn’t know there were so many dreams in a department store”, said Freya. “When I grow up, I want to give people things that will make them happy, just like Stella!”

Soon it was time for Freya and her family to go home. As she waved goodbye to Stella, Freya thought about all the new dreams she had found out about.

The End


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